Tips For Using Stainless Steel Pans

Tips For Using Stainless Steel Pans

The stainless steel pans are favorite pans of most chefs. The main reason is its durability and rapid response to heat, allowing control of the cooking temperature at all times and ensuring that the result is desired. The way of using a stainless steel pan is different from an induction pan (กระทะ induction, which is the term in Thai).

Not having a non-stick layer, it is the cook himself with the help of the pan who will be in charge of ensuring that nothing sticks to us. This is very easy to do when we already have the training and especially experience in the realization of several meals. To correctly use a stainless steel pan we must first understand its operation and properties of the material with which we are working.

Tips For Using A Stainless Steel Pan

The first time you use it, or every time you clean the pan thoroughly because it has been burned or you have been stuck something carelessly, you must cure the pan:

  • Take a finger of oil (better than olive oil because it smokes a lot) and heat the pan, about 5-10 minutes, over medium heat. This will give you a natural nonstick coating.
  • Then, let cool, remove the oil, and clean with a paper cloth. You must leave a fine film of oil.
  • If you want, you can replace these steps by simmering vegetables – onions, leeks, peppers, carrots, etc. – several times cleaning the pan with a cloth, spatulas or carefully – without using scourers or chemicals.

Cook With A Stainless Steel Pan

When making use of a stainless steel pan (กระทะ ส แตน เล ส, which is the term in Thai), we must heat the pan for a few minutes over medium heat before greasing the pan with oil, butter, or butter. Until taking practice and knowing how long we should wait to know that the pan is hot enough, a good trick is the “water test”. This is: pour a few drops of water into the pan. If they evaporate it means that it is not ready. It will be ready when the drops are made balls that “dance” through the pan. Over time, the experience and the type of fire you use will tell you when it is ready.

Do not overdo it when heating the pan. Excessive heat will combine the pan and cause the food to stick to us, in addition to damaging it.