What to Know About a Server?

What to Know About a Server?

A server is a computer program or computer that lets you share data, programs, or applications.

A server is accessed via your network, which implies that it can be used from both inside and outside (remote access) a business.

Why Buy a Server?

Servers are an excellent way to help make your business more productive, secure, and safe.

Your server is the central point from which several people can access data. Meaning your precious information and data can be monitored and kept secure internally.

Having a server in your business allows you to carry out simple back-ups, make plans for disaster recovery, and organize all your IT management.

Why would Small Company use a Server?

Servers are no longer just for large companies with several users. A server can be an excellent way for small businesses with very few people to stay connected, secure, and safe.

HPE ProLiant ML30 Gen10 for instance backs up information which is time-saving, prevents data loss, and even if a disaster hits an individual computer, your information is still safe and available.

Why are Servers More Secure?

Data within a server is safely stored and access to the network, just as specific documents and applications, can be controlled.

Servers lessen the need to have duplicate documents sent between colleagues

A server also enables anti-virus software and firewalls to be individually managed, keeping your key data safe.

Is it Difficult to Manage?

Having a server like HPE ProLiant DL20 Gen10 enables a business to centralize their IT management.

This is time-saving by managing your devices through a single IT dashboard specifically designed to simply handle common tasks and IT issues before they occur.

You can also control who has access to which documents, depending on their security credentials.