Attitudes To Protect Your Kidneys

Attitudes To Protect Your Kidneys

The kidney seems little, especially when compared to the lungs and liver. However, the kidneys are responsible for vital functions in the body. And when these little notables convalescent, it’s a bit of a problem: Chronic kidney disease (CKD), an issue that often goes unnoticed, destroys renal structures to the point where the organ stops functioning.

“CKD is the term that refers to all diseases that affect the kidneys for three months or more, which decreases filtration and affects some of its attributions. The problem is that kidney disease does not always have symptoms. In many cases, the individual does not realize and the diagnosis is made late.

Despite being characterized as a silent disease, CKD can give some signs. However, when they appear, it is usually too late. The kidney is a very resistant organ, and these symptoms will only manifest in 4 or 5 stages of the ailment when it is very advanced. Besides appearing only in extreme situations, many of these manifestations tend to be confused with other illnesses. Hence the importance of always visiting the doctor and ordering tests that detect unwanted changes in the filters of the human body.

The Relationship Between Obesity And Kidney Problems

In cases where CKD has progressed beyond its reach and the kidneys have lost much of their ability to remove dirt from the body, the individual can choose two ways: receiving the kidney from a matching donor or going on dialysis. Some patients are not in a clinical condition to have a transplant. But in the others, this is the preferred treatment.

However, the absence of someone who can donate one of their kidneys causes most convalescents to go on hemodialysis when a machine replaces the main functions that were performed by the excretory apparatus. Some simple attitudes except Hua Loxium Kidney Disease (ฮั้วลักเซียมโรคไต which is the term in Thai) can eliminate many of these disorders. Here’s how to keep this duo in full swing.

Maintain Diabetes And Pressure On The Short Rein

When these markers are at exaggerated levels, the likelihood of developing CKD is even greater. Atherosclerosis, the formation of fatty plaques, particularly in the renal artery, cause an overload of the kidney filtration work. And the incidence of these two diseases has been increasing in recent years, something aggravated by the ageing of the population, in addition to sedentary lifestyle and obesity. In cases where damage has already been done, the first measure is to keep an eye on blood pressure and diabetes.

Get Well With The Scale

Staying at the ideal weight is also a golden rule to follow with a thousand kidneys. Individuals with body mass index (BMI) in healthy parameters are protected from head to toe and, in this package of benefits, natural filters gain. Today there is a worldwide obesity epidemic. Overweight leads to hypertension and diabetes. When healthy habits are acquired, the risk of suffering from a kidney problem is much lower.