What to Consider when Buying a TV Wall Mount

What to Consider when Buying a TV Wall Mount

Flat-panel televisions have light weight and thin depth which makes it possible to mount them directly on the wall. Although these TVs can be placed on a TV stand, mounting them on a wall can save you space and enhance a room’s aesthetics. If you are in the market for a PrimeCables TV wall mount, you can find many types of them. But, you need to pick the right one that suits your needs and preference. When choosing a TV wall mount, take the following factors into account:

The Spot you Want to Play the Mount On

Nearly all television wall mounts are compatible with drywall and have all the necessary hardware for installation including drywall anchors and bolts. If you are planning to install the mount on a masonry surface, invest in stronger hardware that the wall mount box may not come with. You may have to get it at a hardware store. It is also important to avoid installing the mount over a fireplace for safety reasons.

Screen Size and Weight

If you check out wall mounts on the web, you will find that they vary in terms of the screen size they support and the weight they can hold. Mount sizes and weight vary by brands. If you are looking up wall mounts online, spend time checking the maximum weight and screen size they can handle. Such information is also available on the box of the wall mount.

Mount Flexibility

Do you want to see your television from other rooms? If so, invest in a pivoting wall mount. This mount allows you to change the TV’s direction to optimize the picture on the screen. If you want to mount your TV above the average eye level, choose a tilting wall mount. Luckily, the majority of wall mounts on the market can tilt and pivot.

In case you want to position the TV at the ideal height without the need to access the TV ports regularly, choose a fixed mount. This mount will simplify the installation and makes your TV close to the wall, taking up less space. To achieve a more sophisticated overall look, choose a slim mount. Finally, if you want to mount the ‘TV in the corner, choose a fully articulating mount to secure the mounting plate to the wall and keep your television always extended. You can find many creative wall mounts on the market. Just ensure to pick the one that suits you.