An Operational Online Service To Summarize An Article

An Operational Online Service To Summarize An Article

What goes on in your mind when you come across a lot of texts online? You just want to get to the juicy part of a news story as quickly as possible right? What if I told you that there is a tool called Resoomer, which is a text summary tool that can make you productive and simplify your workload. If you’re a simple reader, journalist, professor or student, you need this tool.

How the article summarizer works

I’ve always wanted an app or software that can help me summarize all kind of contents and generate only the vital newsworthy parts and Lo and behold, I found Resoomer. There are a lot of tools online that are programmed to offer the same service but they are not on the same pedestal as Resoomer.

What makes Resoomer stand out is the fact that it is built on semantic analysis. It can go over a news story or content and summarize it thus providing the juicy parts of the story. It is free, simple and generates a well-structured summary of the original content.

Resoomer is easy to use. All you have to do is to copy and paste your content onto Resoomer and wait for it to do its magic. Resoomer wasn’t made for journalist alone, it’s made for anyone who desires a potent article summarizer.

Resoomer and Wikipedia

Are you a researcher who visits Wikipedia all the time or perhaps you love to learn by going through Wikipedia Contents? Resommer the potent summary tool has got you covered. Resoomer works perfectly well with Wikipedia. It can help you summarize lengthy contents and generate the essentials that you need. Resoomer has a browser extension that can skim through contents in just 1 click. It also works with multiple languages like English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.

Why you need Resommer to summarize an article

Don’t strain your eyes by spending a lot of time reading lengthy contents when you can use Resoomer to summarize the contents and get to the newsworthy parts. Imagine you have an essay to write or you have a presentation to prepare for and need to do some research to get some valid points. The old fashioned way would be to start reading various lengthy contents online perusing both relevant and irrelevant data

Now you don’t have to spend hours reading long contents, take advantage of resoommer and be productive. Say no to information overload