What Is Managed Web Hosting And Is It Worth It?

What Is Managed Web Hosting And Is It Worth It?

In the web hosting landscape, one of the services that are gaining momentum among site owners is VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting. Its robust architecture allows more efficient hosting capabilities, thus making it a popular solution, particularly for sites that have high volumes of data and security needs. Having said that, such efficient technology also needs efficient management. Most often than not, site owners believe that they can manage the VPS server on their own (with in-house tech team), without any outside support. This might be true at the initial phases of the business. But as the business grows and the website expands, especially if it’s a transactional site (e-commerce or banking), then it becomes imperative to seek assistance to manage the additional resources, increased traffic, and day-to-day operations on the server. That is where the need for a Managed VPS Hosting arises.

What is Managed VPS Hosting?

As the name suggests, a managed VPS service offers end-to-end solutions from server maintenance to software upgrade, backups, installation of applications, security, etc. It practically frees you from the daily daunting server operations, and in a way, your overheads.

To make it easier to understand, here are some basic benefits of opting for Managed VPS Hosting.

Complete control on the server

With managed hosting services, you not only get complete access but absolute control over your virtual server. This lets you configure your server, upgrade any application at any point in time, and increase the security level. And your hosting provider’s team can do this for you on your instructions as and when necessary.

Instant Resources

Although VPS servers have the option of upgrading and scaling up resources, you still have to monitor it and fulfill the need on your end. This could sometimes take time if you have other pressing issues at hand to take care of. With managed hosting, you can leave the legwork to the tech experts, and they can provide you with the necessary resources and instantly, while you can manage other vital business operations.

Better security monitoring

Keeping your site secure does not mean handling crisis but also preventing it. While you can do the needful to ensure ample protection of your server, you cannot possibly fine-comb every activity. But your hosting provider can. Most managed VPS services offer security measures that scan and monitor your system every second and flag any threats the very moment they occur.

24/7 support

Managing an entire server system requires time, experience, and expertise. You might or might be equipped with all three at the same time. Managed VPS hosting offers 24X7X365 days of technical support and takes care of any small or big issue that might arise on the server, thus saving you valuable time and energy.

Summing up…

There is always the argument of extra cost for Managed VPS Hosting. But if assessed objectively, a small cost paid initially can go a long way in saving recurring expenses in the future and loss of time. With a reliable hosting provider and an economical hosting plan, you can make a worthwhile investment into a high performing site.