Important Digital Marketing Tactics to Make Your Own this Year

Important Digital Marketing Tactics to Make Your Own this Year

There’s no doubt that, in today’s ultra-modern business world, you need to have a digital marketing strategy in place. Businesses and consumers alike are more often than not online. This means that in order to be successful you need to reach them where they spend most of their time online. Following are 5 important digital marketing tactics that will help you service today’s mobile centric consumers.

Mobile Marketing

By now you’ve heard how important mobile marketing is. The next time you’re enjoying a cup of coffee in your local cafe, check out what the people around you are doing. You’ll find that most of them have their faces buried in a mobile device. Mobile is going to continue to be a top priority for digital marketing professionals for years to come, says Chris Pool of CT SEO Company, so it’s important to have a mobile strategy in place to engage with your prospects and clients. This means having a mobile website created if you don’t already. Depending on your business, mobile elements like the ability to send text messages to customers can be a revenue generating asset. Once you have the prospect’s or customer’s contact info, start by sending them one to two messages a month, one promotional (with a call to action), one fun. You’ll also be able to gauge how many of the messages your target audience responds to and make adjustments from there.

Content is Still King

The best way to control the conversation with your prospects and customers is to get in front of them with quality content. Launch a media platform, like a Livestream video, podcast or through a provoking blog filled with high quality content. In today’s digital marketing focused world, the business that generates the best, and most, high quality content is going to come out on top.

Branding – Tell Your Story

Telling your brand’s story instead of always telling people what to do is crucial. Don’t just focus all of your attention on your call to action (CTA). While this is important, you should always concentrate on delivering value first, telling your story in a way that portrays your company in the best possible light.


One of the best sources of website traffic for businesses is organic traffic generated by SEO. There are a number of factors involved in ranking, however the amount of reviews you have will play a key role. Google considers your Google, Yelp and Facebook reviews, etc., and uses a business’s ratings to prioritize their search rank. Another important thing to keep in mind is that while reviews are vital for search engine rankings, they’ll also make or break a sale. If you haven’t already, make it a priority to put a solid plan in place for receiving reviews for your business.


Consumers prefer video posts over text. Video tells a more persuasive story, makes it easier to make your point faster and can boost sales. Research has shown that video on a sales or landing page can help raise conversions by approximately 80%. To get started, commit to creating at least 2 videos a month, whether it’s a YouTube video, Facebook Live, or a video you create for your website – all are viable options.

Adopting the digital marketing strategies listed here will definitely help your business grow, along with your revenue.