What is a personalized shopping experience?

What is a personalized shopping experience?

Ever wondered how you’d keep your customer satisfied, happy to the extent that somehow he ends up returning to your store for future purchases? There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re trying to leverage a customer’s shopping experience. These factors can range anywhere from a simple greeting to maybe giving them the occasional complimentary shopping coupon or free shipping upon a simple request or surprise them by refunding their shipping cost. It’s always better to ask, learn and improve their experience. As a business owner, you should be willing to give what they ask for and sometimes give them what they need even before they could ask. Let’s a take a look at the top 5 featured areas of focus in order to deliver a fully personalized shopping experience.

Past Visits – These factors would vary depending upon the type of business you run. However, personalizing a customer’s experience can happen across industries using basic rules of customer satisfaction that is, deliver what is needed, whether asked or expected. Consider past customer visits to see what they’ve brought and how that data could be utilized to personalize their current visit. For ex: if an e-commerce website is selling clothes, it’s a good idea to save size, color, design, model, and other  preferential data to show what’s different about shopping this time.

Product Curation – A lot of businesses these days have setup online shops to provide ease of access. Each time a customer visits the online store and something catches their eye, they usually basket the item and leave it for purchase later in case they weren’t actually shopping. However, saved products in the cart, browsing history based on age, gender, location and timing could probably tell what the customer might look for in their next visits. This kind of data can help curate products to be shown when they get on the virtual store the next time.

Complimentary Gifts – Gifting is always recommended. If you’re a business owner that gifts a lot, there is a good chance you have a lot of returning customers. Try to gift something to your customer that was unavailable In their past visit or try to arrange a product or service that your customer has asked for, only for the purpose of fulfilling their requirement. These are high value efforts and are not offered by all business owners.

Customer Feedback – Every customer must be asked to leave a feedback based on their shopping experience. A feedback form can be filled out asking what they missed, what changes they’d like to see upon future visits and maybe ask for a rating based on their overall experience of shopping, whether virtual or in person.

Tailor-made shopping – A rare feature that does not exist for service at most businesses due to cost, but if you’re line of service can afford such a feature where customers would be delighted if given a choice to tailor design their vision, you’re ahead of most businesses already. Some examples are make your own pizza, design your own suit, and customize your new car with your name, color, interiors, and more.