How To Get More Traffic To A Company Blog

How To Get More Traffic To A Company Blog

Getting web traffic nowadays has become a challenging task. Since Google keeps changing its digital marketing rules and strategies, it has become difficult to keep up. Content marketing is the only constant in Google books, but it is riddled with SEO strategies. If you are getting started in blogging, you need this guide to help you navigate through the obstacles of the online world.

1.    The More The Merrier

Google is looking for more and more content to be curated. To keep up with the changing world, you need to keep adding blogs to your website. Every time you curate something new, Google crawlers go through your website and optimize your ranking. You want Google to crawl your site every day. This helps in driving more traffic on your website.

2.    Proper SEO optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the use of keywords(search terms) in your blog to help Google understand what your blog is about. When someone uses the exact term you have used multiple times in your blog, Google would choose your web link to rank first on its result page. The industry benchmark stands at using your main keyword at least once in the first 100 words.

3.    Write Catchy Titles

The first thing people would notice about your blog is its title. You need to add the following to it.

  • An exciting Call To Action
  • It should be concise and complete
  • It should address the search term
  • It should provide relevant information

When you add all the details mentioned above to your title, Google will deem it fit to be placed on top.

4.    Use The Power Of Social Media

Writing a blog with a good SEO strategy is one thing. However, if you are looking to get mad traffic on your web, you need to utilize social media. By simply sharing your blog on your companies social media, you can capture more traffic. Sharing on social media also acts as a backlink, which is one of the top factors for getting search engine traffic.

Ending Note

Managing the strategies mentioned aboveefficiently and effectively is very important. You need to know the industry benchmarks for each of the above mentioned. The ideal posts per day on your website should be 2. Keep this up, and your website will get traffic in no time.