3PL Services in Singapore: Advantages and what to look out for 

3PL Services in Singapore: Advantages and what to look out for 

3PL is defined as third-party logistics. It is a service that allows you to out-source operational logistics from the warehouse, all the way through to delivery, and eventually enables you to emphasis on the part of your business.

Third-party logistics companies provide any number of services having to deal with the logistics of the supply chain. 3PL services have become a key factor in the supply chain of several brands. You take the orders. Your third-party logistics provider (3PL) fulfils them. This includes transporting goods, storing them in warehouses, picking and packing, fulfilling, orders, forecasting inventory orders fulfilment, packaging and consignment forwarding.

3PL firms receive fresh inventory from your industrialists before delivery it to buyers. They can also handle trade distribution and returns. Eventually, they deliver your orders with out-of-box knowledge.

Advantages of 3PL services:

In the situation of COVID-19 needing some extra employees to work from home, warehouse automation has been push into the focus as a key differentiator.  These firms will mechanize satisfaction for you, so you can focus on the rest. Spend time increasing your trade, not on paper-based Omnichannel fulfilment procedures or moving packages.

  1. Work with pros:

Shipment and fulfilment optimization are standard 3PL service specialities. You can build your own squad but as you are not focused full-time on success, you will likely achieve insufficient results as compared to outsourcing.

  1. Manage internationalization:

Spreading internationally has need of a global fulfilment network. Handling international orders needs documentation and accounting for taxes and duties. Out-sourcing these tasks can make cross-boundary marketing easier. It can also advance delivery times, improve customer agreement, and decrease shipping costs.

  1. Limits Overhead:

Letting warehouse space and signing a satisfaction team raises your overhead. Upholding fulfilment assets is costly. Working with a 3PL services provider can reduce costs so the principal can be focused towards return making endeavours.

Benefits of outsourcing your logistics to a third-party

3PL companies offer many advantages. The major is that by handing-over these logistics, you can emphasis on other aspects of your business such as sales, marketing and product development. Out-sourcing to a third-party service provider leaves you with more time and resources. Here are some other advantages:

Cost reduction: Outsourced logistics allows more leverage with cargo companies than individual shippers do. Working with transporters on behalf of different customers, 3pl companies can negotiate pricing based on volume and order frequency of goods. Using a logistic company to arrange all or part of your supply chain also gives you the liberty to invest in other key areas to cultivate and grow your business.

Scale up or down as needed: Many business experience rise and fall in demand all through the year. Using a professional outsourced logistics service provider allows you to manage ups and down more efficiently without having to commit to the principal when you don’t need to.

Test new markets: With an international 3PL service, you have the elasticity to test the waters in new markets without having to promise to any major investments like your own warehousing space or service-staff.

3PL in Singapore 

Third-party logistics offers best-outsourced logistics services including warehousing, transportation, order fulfilment, packaging, harvesting, inventory forecasting, shipping, cross-docking, and many more. Not every 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) company is the same, they all are unique and different from each other on the basis of some factors and reasons.

People think that all third-party logistics companies offer the same type of services as the warehouses for storage or transportation of goods. Their other logistics services include storage, shipping, and order completion. Singapore is becoming a great market and its businesses and markets are growing day by day.

Outsourced logistics providers supply a wide range of logistics services to suit the different requirements and needs of their customers, and the different needs of their products because for their customer is their first priority and every other thing come after it. There are many 3PL companies that stand as well known suppliers in Singapore and these companies are reliable and trusted because they know how to complete a job properly and efficiently.

3rd Party Logistics Delivery Service In Singapore

It doesn’t matter whether you are a small, medium, or corporate company or even an organization, you will always need your own envelopes and packages and your products to be delivered to your customers on time. You also need to make sure that your valuables reach their destination safely, unadulterated, and damaged in any way. 3rd Party Logistics services in Singapore is the best solution for managing your package delivery.

In this advanced world, technology is affecting a wide range of industries in Singapore including outsourced logistics providers. 3PL companies proudly offer their services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which works on the best available devices, smartphones, and tablets in the market today.

Most of these companies provide their services through apps and their applications are free. You just have to download it from the App Store and try easy installation, create an account and avail services.

Many business companies are small and they do not have a site warehouse where they can manage and store their products. 3PL companies offer a comprehensive service where you can store your inventory in your warehouse.

As soon as your orders arrive, your inventory will be tied into your cell orders. They will handle all your shipments directly from their warehouses to your clients. It is a value-added service in which customers will enjoy receiving their products on time. This allows you to have less hassle in preparing for the delivery of your packages. They will work hard and you will feel confident that as soon as your packages leave your premises.

Logistics Services of 3PL Companies in Singapore

3rd Party Logistics companies including carriers, transport agents, supply chains, logistics support companies, delivery service, warehouse services, and e-commerce have joined the top warehouses in Singapore. According to a report by Colliers, more than 44% of Singapore’s total space is occupied. This fact has made the third-party logistics companies more popular in Singapore and they have become more efficient in doing their jobs. 3PL companies offer a lot of services to different types of businesses in different fields. Some major services of 3PL companies of Singapore include:

  • Solutions for Import, Export, and Licensing
  • International Transport and Logistics
  • Local Delivery Services
  • E-commerce Compliance Services
  • Delivery of Halal Products
  • Direct Market Access
  • Cold and Other Storage Services

Solutions for Import, Export, and Licensing

The process of importing, exporting, and licensing is considered as one of the most difficult tasks to be performed properly in any business. The benefits of these jobs can be prohibitive and challenging if they are not managed by a highly skilled and well experienced international operator.

3PL companies in Singapore are committed to handling the import, export, and licensing needs in a professional manner that help businesses to minimize unnecessary barriers to international trade that could harm your business. 3rd party Logistics companies have region-wide import, export licenses that will help you to bring your products to your precious customers through the most efficient way without any interruption.

International Transport and Logistics

As we know that the number of “open borders” is growing rapidly. The growing number of open borders in today’s global business economy is providing new opportunities to old and upcoming future companies that will help them to enter the highly lucrative international markets. 3PL companies in Singapore will provide you with their services if you are interested in shipping your products to other international countries and these logistics companies are always ready to help you in fulfilling your mission.

3rd Party Logistics are experts and professionals with experience in international markets and products that will provide you with logistics solutions and personalized customer service to ensure that your international delivery is efficient and professional in accordance with your company’s preferences and specifications.

Local Delivery Services

3PL companies in Singapore provide services of local delivery not only in Singapore but also in the other major markets in other regions. They have their own distribution vehicles and they also use ships sometimes to deliver goods locally.

As these logistics companies in Singapore have a great volume of delivery, they provide their customers with the best distribution rates. These logistics companies are committed to providing local schedule services and also one-day demand for all products.

E-Commerce Compliance Services

Effective customer order management and completion services are considered as an important component of any successful supply chain system. These companies use state of the art communication and best transportation equipment to ensure that your goods are delivered to your customers in the most efficient and proper manner.

Some of the 3PL companies in Singapore also provide access to their Warehouses Management System (WMS) and with the help of this, you can also track your inventory.

Delivery of Halal Products

If your company needs Halal logistics services, do check if your logistics provider is able to provide everything you need to meet the logistics needs of all your Halal products. We guarantee that all your Halal products will not come into contact with haram products such as pigs, dead animals, claes or prey, and others.

In addition to meeting Halal’s strict hygiene standards, companies would have to ensure that your Halal products are distributed through clean tools.

Direct Market Access

Logistics companies with their business partners and clients, these companies offer free marketing in major Asian countries and they provide direct access to local and international markets. Most of the 3PL companies in Singapore have an extensive network in Asia because of their daily business and supply. This network will help you in marketing your products to business-to-consumers (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) customers.

Cold and Other Storage Services

Storage or warehousing is one of those important factors that have the ability to both ruin your business or to save your business. 3rd Party Logistics company uses its extensive network distribution and dedicated distribution and storage solutions to help you fulfil all your commitments to your customers, anywhere in the world.

It is costly and time-consuming to build your own warehouse for the businesses that work on cold products. You have the facility of storage that is really helpful to store products that are needed to be stored in cold places.

The ice cream companies usually worry about their products because it requires a lot of care to store and deliver these types of products. If you want to get rid of this issue then it is recommended to have a 3PL service and focus on other important factors of your business.

Why 3rd Party Logistics is Popular in Singapore? 

As the businesses are growing and expanding in Singapore the need for warehouses and delivery equipment is also increasing. 3PLs has gained a lot of popularity in some previous years because of its reliable and trusted services.

According to a survey almost all the major companies that are growing and expanding their business are taking services of 3rd Party Logistics and it is also being considered as one of the most essential parts for the success of any business.

3rd Party Logistics service providers have changed the way of business and took the local business industries to the markets of international countries.

The Bottom Line

Nevertheless, there is also an undesirable impact in terms of full-time logistics positions rejected as a result of outsourcing the logistics function. Mostly, corporations have been ‘satisfied’ with 3PL suppliers.

China is experiencing rapid growth over-all, and in specific, in the request for logistics services. Though, the country’s logistics suppliers face a number of challenges that need to be addressed. These include relations with highly-challenging clients, dealing with government and legal boundaries, and coping with the rapidly changing outside environment.

The outsourcing of logistics services will give you the freedom to develop other areas of your business. You will have an extra tie and money to spend on strategies of growing your business and extending your business beyond the boundaries. Outsourcing logistics will also help you in the fields of promotion, production, and marketing.

3PL company’s wide range of advanced services eliminates all your warehouse and logistics worries while giving you time to focus on growing your business. In addition to meeting all your logistics needs, 3PL services are also affordable and flexible that will meet all your business needs.