Buy A New-To-You iPhone XR Between For Less Than $300 — We Tell You How

Buy A New-To-You iPhone XR Between For Less Than $300 — We Tell You How

Ever since its launch in September of 2018, the iPhone XR has remained one of Apple’s most popular handsets. And there are good reasons for that. It features a design reminiscent of the iPhone X, which itself was a smash hit in its day. And it boasts an A12 Bionic processor that still holds up well to today’s most resource-heavy apps.

From day one, it was a model built to appeal to the budget-conscious, too. It made its debut with a retail price of $749, which put it in the middle of the pack for a member of a flagship smartphone line. And since then the price has continued to decline. Today, it’s possible to buy a brand-new one for $499, making it more affordable than ever.

But let’s face it. Not everyone has the means to buy a smartphone for that much money. And as the handset continues to age, its serviceable lifetime is getting shorter and shorter. The debut of 5G networks has made that even more clear. But what if you could purchase a new-to-you iPhone XR for under $300? We’re here to tell you that it is possible – and here’s how.

Look for the 64GB Model

The first thing to do if you want to find one of these sought-after iPhones for under $300 is to limit your search to the 64GB model. The phone also came with an available 128GB of storage, but those are both harder to find and more expensive when you do find them. And you won’t be giving up much by going with the 64GB model.

This is because it’s possible to leverage the Apple iCloud service and the iPhone’s ability to offload infrequently used apps to manage your storage space. Between the two, it’s more than reasonable to keep a phone within that 64GB limit, and that’s without making any major sacrifices. Only a very heavy phone user with hundreds of apps or a specific need to store photos locally would ever run into a problem. But to keep the price low, this is a small price to pay.

Focus on Handsets Locked to a Carrier

When it comes to reselling an iPhone, an unlocked handset always has more value. That’s because they may be used by the purchaser with whichever service provider they prefer. But a locked handset is tied to one specific carrier and that means it has to get service from that carrier alone. But locked iPhones often sell for less than unlocked ones. So if you’re willing to switch your carrier, or you already have service with the carrier a particular handset is locked to, you might find the phone you want for under $300.

Accept a Phone with Visible Wear

Although the idea of buying an iPhone that has visible signs of wear might sound like a bad one, accepting some wear-and-tear is a great way to save some money. And when you buy a pre-owned iPhone from a reputable reseller, they’ll have made sure that the unit has no electronic defects and works just as well as it did when new. And the reality is that minor scuffs and scratches won’t interfere with the phone’s operation. They’re a natural result of everyday use – and would likely happen to any new phone you buy eventually anyway.

Mission Accomplished

By keeping these three tips in mind, it’s quite easy to find a new-to-you iPhone XR for under $300. It’s a popular model, so there are plenty of them entering the resale market every day. And that trend will only accelerate with time. So if you’ve got your heart set on this ever-popular iPhone model but don’t want to spend $499 to get it, know that you have options. You can get the phone you want at a price you can afford if you know what to look for – and now you do.