Answers to the common question on IPTV revealed

Answers to the common question on IPTV revealed

You can find an IPTV service in any of your nearby hotels, resorts, or other business centers if you do not have one in your home. IPTV is not unknown but it is underrated. Still is in the process of reaching more people around the world. So, there are many doubts and questions among the masses regarding IPTV to get some clarity about the service. Let us see some of these questions and try to answer them in brief.

What is an IPTV?

An Internet Protocol Television is a new technology that delivers video content with the use of the internet instead of traditional satellite or coaxial cables. You will need an internet connection and a compatible device to stream the content. You can subscribe to a provider from anywhere around the world. If you subscribe to a Norsk IPTVyou can watch all the regional Nordic channels along with other international channels. 

Why should you consider IPTV systems?

You can stream all the channels of broadcast television, interactive videos, favorite movies, video on demand, and many more safely encoded into data packets through the internet. Unlike other streaming systems like cable TV, satellite TV, and OTT platforms, you are not restricted to a specific set of options. Moreover, you can stream all the video content on-demand. You can pause, rewind, and stream later if you want. 

What are the advantages of IPTV systems?

  • You can stream live television, time-shifted television, and video on demand with one system.
  • No need for large cables and other devices. Only a high-speed internet connection with a telecasting device is enough.
  • Best quality content if your internet connection is better. 

Can we select the channels we need to stream on IPTV?

Yes. You can search for the desired channel and stream it using Exterity IPTV services. There will be both foreign language and regional television channels to choose from based on your wish. 

What are the available formats of streaming?

You can stream videos in three formats using an IPTV as below,

  • Live stream telecast – to broadcast live television across the world
  • Video on Demand – Content based on the user’s wish
  • Time-shifted media – Delayed relay of the live telecast with recording technology

Will our streaming interrupt when the number of users increases?

No. You may think that the services will slow down since many users are streaming at a time. But an IPTV system uses a multicasting system that distributes the video content to every user. So, there will be no interruption in your streaming and no difference in bandwidth. 

What are the devices that can stream IPTV?

You can stream your IPTV channels using a smart television, an ordinary television with an IPTV setup box, a mobile, a personal computer, or a laptop. Only a high-speed internet is enough. 

Will distance from ethernet connection matter?

The ethernet connection will be the same as you connect your devices to any other WiFi network. Once the data provider is too far, you will lose the connection.