World-Class AV systems and solutions from Neets

World-Class AV systems and solutions from Neets

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AV systems are the need of the hour. Businesses and employees have completely transitioned to the new normal of video conferencing and smart technology in their daily work lives. AV systems and solutions from Neets are comprehensive and powerful tools for work. Nobody beats the products from Neets here.

Why does Neets outperform other AV systems?

Focus on user-friendliness

For once, an AV system company has put user-friendliness #1 on their priority list. Before Neets, sadly, all products focused on the technical aspect more than ensuring that the users have an easy time using it.

Intuitive controls that can be decoded by the least of tech-savvy adults, Neets’ AV systems are very user-friendly and functional at the same time.

They come in keypad and touch forms.

Ease of configuration

Not all AV systems and solutions are easy to configure. It can be a nightmare to get a multi-device AV system properly set up and working.

That is not the case with Neets. The control systems from Neets are configured in a drag-and-drop method using the Neets Project Designer software.

Neets AV systems are future-proof

Not every company has similar requirements. As your company starts small and scales up, so will your Neets AV system. It has easy modifications that make scaling up and down a breeze.

Do not worry about whether it is right for you or not. Neets AV solutions are so customizable that everything from a 3-member team to a 100-employee enterprise can effectively use it without any clutter or excessive feature.

Last, but not the least

AV systems and solutions usually cost a lot. Not Neets. It is very affordable. You can have professional-grade AV installations that come with a reasonable price tag.

The project delivery and set up times are also record low.

All in all, Neets is the perfect AV system for the new normal.