Why VoIP Is A Perfect Small Business IT Solution

Why VoIP Is A Perfect Small Business IT Solution

Around 33% of small businesses have already adapted towards VoIP phone systems and you do not need to look far to discover the many reasons why. VoIP telephony has enjoyed significant improvements in recent years, and businesses with around fifty or fewer employees are among those best placed to take full advantage of these additional features and services. A well-installed and configured VoIP phone system can substantially increase small business productivity in ways that some may find rather surprising. Let’s take a look at why these currently rank among the most important small business IT solutions and how important they could be for enhancing your own small business operation.

Easy & Flexible To Manage

Small businesses need to be able to think on their feet and manage their systems largely in-house. Many people will have already experienced the problems that arise when traditional telephone systems fail. Problems can take a substantial amount of time to solve and the expense of replacing/updating hardware often hits well into four or five figures. Cloud-based VoIP telephony practically removes such hardware issues from the equation. Any issues (and they barely ever happen nowadays) are 99% of the time related to network problems that are usually straightforward to identify and rectify. The best VoIP service providers will provide outstanding network management tools that are usually able to perform such tasks automatically, keeping downtime to an absolute bare minimum.

Thankfully networks don’t tend to fail on a routine basis! Small businesses should also look towards the many other advantages that network incorporated VoIP systems can offer. Administrators can add and remove new phone lines/employees with just a click or two, service plans can usually be upgraded or altered to match shifting business dynamics/needs, and call monitoring software plays an essential part in quality control and service delivery. Throw in the fact that most small businesses choose to optimize their whole network while installing VoIP – including enhancing security arrangements – and it is clear to see why choosing to go with internet telephony is an absolute no-brainer.

Enjoy Those Additional Benefits

VoIP call quality was pretty patchy when such services first launched twenty years ago but nowadays business users can expect superior quality without any lag or stutter. It is important to configure your business network and broadband properly when choosing to go VoIP – but the good news is that once that is completed you’ll be able to make use of all the other benefits included within your package. Small businesses can especially benefit from the likes of virtual receptionists, call forwarding, call recording, instant messaging, call screening, missed alerts, conference/video calling and much more. Until recently such features could rarely be enjoyed outside of major corporate networks – but now any enterprise can take advantage of them!

VoIP Is Cost-Effective For Small Businesses

There is also the not-insignificant fact that VoIP will also happen to save most businesses a considerable amount of money. You ought to take some care when choosing your VoIP service package and consult with experts to make sure you are not paying out more than needed. Once your network is up and running it will almost always prove to be substantially cheaper compared to relying on traditional phone lines – and you’ll enjoy a far better service with plenty of game-changing added capability. Anyone whose business relies upon the quality of its telephony should not underestimate how useful these can be, especially if they also use flexible and mobile working platforms. When your VoIP system is properly installed and configured the improvements to productivity and your bottom line can be very substantial indeed.

Final Thoughts

Experts predict VoIP to become the most prevalent form of business telephony sometime within the coming decade. Those who choose to adapt early and reap all those additional benefits are going to be perfectly placed to capitalize on this changeover. It will not be too long before customers start to expect to be able to make video calls when enquiring about products and services, so make sure to adapt earlier and keep a step ahead of the opposition.