Why Am I Obsessed With Blockudoku? A Mom’s Guide to a Virtual Escape During the Coronavirus

Why Am I Obsessed With Blockudoku? A Mom’s Guide to a Virtual Escape During the Coronavirus

I hope you are all staying home and staying safe during these tough times. You might be socially isolating and working remotely, but chances are, everything that you miss in the outside world, you can find bits of it online.

Yes, a world of opportunities awaits indoors. So if you have started feeling a bit tired of the burdens of this pandemic on you like I have, here is a mom’s guide to a virtual escape during the coronavirus lockdown.

BlockuDoku – My New Found Obsession!

Normal life has been upended for everyone, especially women. For so many of them, shelter-in-place may not seem so comfortable. The burden of childcare while working from home in addition to the already existing domestic labor, could be overbearing. Several studies indicate that women have been hit the hardest as countrywide closures come at the expense of economic security.

However, amidst all these concerns, staying sane is the only way out of extreme trauma and stress. And puzzle games have always been synonymous with relaxation and engagement. So I gave BlockuDoku it a try and found it amazingly useful – why not try it for yourself?

How’s BlockuDoku Different?

It is more than just fun – the BlockuDoku block puzzle is addictive and is mentally stimulating. Once you understand its specifics and start playing, there will be no looking back.

It is a Sudoku-style tile-matching block game that is simple yet challenging. It took me some time to master the techniques, but I eventually learned how to go about it. It is very much similar to playing a game of Tetris. In Tetris, the objective is to destroy the lines of a block before reaching the top, and in BlockuDoku, you fill the squares or complete the lines to destroy those and keep the board clean. It is a perfect, logical game that will certainly relieve your stress and prove a great pastime.

There are two themes to choose from – blue and white and classic wooden. The visuals are soothing, and background sounds keep you active. You just need to act fast and use logic to keep the board clutter-free. If you keep overthinking and give it all your energy, you are sure to lose. The board will pile up, and the game will end.

With time, I have realized that the more you focus on making lines, the more are your chances of winning. When you create boxes, it occupies space on the board, leaving no room for more shapes. Also, start from the edges and work your way inwards. You may or may not beat your best score, but will enjoy your virtual escape plan.

BlockuDoku Block Puzzle is a cross between Sudoku and Blocks. That is enough to make it different from others. Try yourself and experience the magic!

Take care, stay safe, and have fun!

Yours truly,

A BlockuDoku Playing Mom!