Which Should be Your Next Hosting after Shared Hosting?

Which Should be Your Next Hosting after Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting is the most common web hosting platform that’s in use because of its cost-effectiveness. A Shared Host service, as the name suggests, shares one server among many users. In effect, the host company only has the cost of running one server. It is preferred by those who wouldn’t want to invest a huge amount, especially when it is a new website with limited traffic. However, if your business grows at a later stage, you might consider an upgrade from Shared Hosting. You can choose from many hosting services; you can buy VPS or Cloud or Dedicated Hosting.

Choosing an upgrade from Shared Hosting

Choosing the next level of hosting services requires an understanding of the changed requirements of your site and business to select a plan accordingly. While there can be different requirements, the most preferred option while upgrading from a Shared Hosting service, is VPS Hosting. Let us take a look at the VPS Hosting services as the next choice after Shared Hosting, and what makes VPS a natural upgrade from Shared.

What is VPS Hosting?

In VPS Hosting, multiple virtual servers share a single physical server. However, unlike Shared Hosting, a website is stored on a virtual server with its own dedicated resources, complete root access, and account isolation. The host uses server virtualisation techniques to create virtual servers that function like tiny dedicated servers while sharing the same physical space. It helps boost the performance of your site in a cost-efficient manner.

Reasons why VPS Hosting is preferred while upgrading from Shared Hosting.

1. Dedicated resources

Unlike Shared Hosting, where multiple users share one resource, VPS Hosting allocates dedicated resources to your account. This ensures that your website does not suffer performance issues due to the unavailability of resources, which can happen with a Shared Hosting plan.

2. Customisation

In VPS Hosting, you can customise the hosting environment as per your requirements using complete root access. You’re not stuck with whatever the service provider offers you in your hosting plan. You could use your preferred operating system and install the tools that you need. If you want to add additional security and privacy protection, you can do that too. It ensures that your website does not fall short of resources, giving you top performance for your website at all times.

3. Cost-effective

VPS Hosting is an upgrade from Shared Hosting. So, when you compare it to a Dedicated Server, there is a vast difference in cost, which makes a VPS Hosting plan more attractive. A Dedicated Server has more resources, tighter security, and better performance, but that comes at a premium. VPS Hosting still has a good capacity for most sites and is more affordable and economical for many.

4. Dedicated IP address

An IP address is the numerical address used by the web host so that your website can be recognised on the internet. In VPS Hosting each account has a unique IP address. This ensures that each user is accountable for the issues they have with their own website. There is no impact from other accounts located on the same server.


With innovations continuously taking place in the digital space, more and more businesses are using the Internet to increase their exposure, thereby making it a necessity to choose the best hosting plan to suit their business needs. A VPS Hosting plan makes it a good option to upgrade from Shared Hosting, because of its flexibility and easier scalability as and when you expand your business.