What is the importance of phone validation, and why should people use it?

What is the importance of phone validation, and why should people use it?

Like email validation, phone validation is the process of verifying if a phone number is legitimate. This is mainly done for marketing and database creation purposes and is carried out by making phone calls or sending an SMS or voice message. It makes sure that the phone number is linked to a user and serves as their identification.

This service is increasingly becoming a part of businesses as a form of engaging with their target audience. It is important for businesses to integrate this into their process to ensure that the contact list they have is authentic and they are not wasting working hours on sending promotional content to phone numbers that are not even a part of their audience. 

Here, we will discuss why use phone validation and its benefits

  • Efficacy in communication 

When dealing with contact lists, it is important to keep in mind that some are landline numbers and others are mobile numbers. Segregating the two makes it a more efficient form of communication. And further helps in ensuring the company’s compliance with their respective telemarketing norms.

  • Revenue Opportunities 

By verifying whether a contact number is in active use and authentic prior to including the respective consumer in your contact list aids in the business reaching higher conversion leads. This, in turn, makes for more business opportunities and potential customers. Hence, it offers higher revenue opportunities.

  • Consumer Experience

Telephonic conversations and text messages are one of the best channels of communication available. By validating the user’s phone numbers, reaching out to them in the future becomes easier as phone channels are open for longer periods of time and more reliable in terms of a response.

  • Prevent fraudulent identities

As is prevalent in email validation, many accounts are fake and are often quite tough to determine if they are active or not due to the rise of bot run email IDs. Although there is an issue regarding fake phone numbers and scammers, the verification process is fairly simple in this case and makes it much more convenient for marketing campaigns.

  • Identity Verification

In comparison to email verification, phone number validation is much simpler and more accurate; after it is validated; the phone number is linked to the user and helps in establishing a global trust anchor. With this anchor, the identity of the user can be verified at any given point throughout the consumer cycle.

  • Convenient for Users

As opposed to traditional forms of identity verification, phone number verification is much simple for the users as the number can be extracted very simply. It is not a multi-step process wherein users have to set up usernames, passwords, and accounts in order to give their contact details. 

Analysing the claims made above, it is safe to say that there are a variety of benefits linked to phone validation. And why it must be adopted by businesses before they set out on promotional marketing through channels related to phone numbers.