What I Wish Everyone Knew About Google Trader Scams

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Google Trader Scams

In this article, we will analyze and show whether it is a google trader scams or legit binary options trading program.

This trading platform aims at making binary options positive for traders or persons who are not part of this market.

The Google Trader scams app got some negative responses from the day it became accessible to people, and because of this, many users had doubted the true nature of this trading system. We also launched a detailed study on Google Trader scams to help people and can find any facts that frankly helps us to call this binary choice trading platform a SCAM.

Google Trader

We first saw the line operated by Google when we began studying Google Trader scams. We assumed for one moment that Google operated its legitimate trading system, but we were mistaken. They need to use this word, even if we are conflicted? Only fool people or say Google Inc. was behind Google Trader scams? The answers to these questions are still unclear to us.

Why not start reading a legitimate Google Trading System summary without having to waste time? Without spending any time?

Our first experience of Google Trader scams aren’t so good, this trade system platform is just like many cash-making systems on the internet, and we have a bunch of negative responses from people that use it. We needed no second to conclude that its 100% scam tech and recommended our followers stay away from it because you’ll waste your hearing-earned money with this money system. 

Still, the worst aspect of this trading system is that Japanese day traders are catching and diverting easy prey or victims through dubious email or propaganda campaigns with a complete translation and GEO focused platform.

Yeah, we know why others are going to believe our examination? Then we have Google Trader proof which demonstrates a SCAM in this trading platform. We’ve always collected evidence for Google Trader scams as always.

Users who don’t help our ratings, try this investing system again and we’d look forward to hearing it after trying it personally. So here is some obvious evidence of Google Trader scams.

Evidence Against Google Trader

It’s not free to utilize

They have said that consumers can easily use these trading algorithms so many times on their pages, but the fact is that the trader wants a nominal $250.

Account Get Locked Down

The biggest part of Google Trader scams is to lock the user accounts without the option of using Google Trader tools. But you lost 250 dollars for nothing. We don’t recognize why consumers want to still participate in this network of scam trading.

96.8% ITM Rate? 

Any trader who has long been in this business knows that any trading system guaranteeing a 98% ITM average is certainly an offense. Because the optimal ITM range of any legitimate binary choice trading platform is between 70%-80%, and this was already illustrated from our previous experiences or feedback. You may see the consumer rating that they are 90 percent higher than the ITM average for Google Trader scams. We know that it’s unfair to check.

Fake G Trader Reviews or Testimonials

All positive reviews or testimonies on Google Trader scams received by Facebook users on their official site are fraudulent. You will recognize that all posts are fraudulent if you waste a few seconds reviewing the comments. No such comments can be found on Facebook. Why should the trading network that produces fake reviews for their goods be promoted or endorsed?

Google is not behind this

Google is one of the most leading brands that already provides consumers with a legitimate and functional web service and program. Why is that SCAM being Google going to do? You won’t even find a single line over the internet if you check on the partnership between Google.com and Google Trader scams. Not even the official Google Blog. It has therefore been verified that Google operated this money system to win people’s confidence using the Google logo.

Fake Video Presenters

A customer with this trading system shows how much he gains using this device in the Video segment of the Google Trader scams. But what makes us believe it’s bogus is that the account doesn’t reveal its identity, which means that we think the whole network is opaque including suppliers of testimony and video presenters.


We have provided sufficient proof with you on how 100% indicates that SCAM is a trading system and we suggest not participating in Google Trader applications for all our readers. Yours is the remaining decision. Do not forget to give your analysis in comments if you participate in this forex trading platform. You may use other apps such as Binadroid or Copy Buffett rather than Google Trader scams.