What are the common hacking techniques that you must be aware of?

What are the common hacking techniques that you must be aware of?

The increase in the use of social media has also increased the trend if hacking. In the past, there was not much hacking as it is today. The use of modern tools makes it easy to hack a social media account, and all your personal information goes into bad hands, and he can use social media for any purpose he likes. No one wants to go through such an experience. It is important that you know about the common ways of hacking so that you can protect yourself and make a better strategy keeping in view the different techniques of hacking.

  • The hacker can get an advertisement on a trusted site. When the user clicks on the site, he gets redirected to a page where his personal information gets stolen. This is a new technique, and the users must surf the internet wisely.
  • Another common way of hacking is by the use of cookies. You might have noticed that social media sites give you the option to save your password or login details. These details are stored in cookies, and anyone gaining access to cookies can access your account.
  • The hacker can tempt you to download a malicious app. After downloading the app, the app can run in the background while doing its work of stealing your information.
  • Phishing is a common technique. You enter your details on a fake site and get hacked.
  • Another popular technique is to try out several common passwords.

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There are also good hackers in the world:

There are also some people who hack websites and help the owners to make useful changes in their code. This makes the site more reliable and safe than before. These types of hackers are called white hat hackers. These are often applauded for their good work, and they also earn huge rewards.

How to hack your Instagram account?

The statement may sound crazy in a sense that why will someone hack his account. You will come to know the answer after reading this paragraph. Consider a case in which a clever hacker hacks your Instagram account and also hacks the associated recovery email. The hacker maybe your friend, and thus he knows the recovery email. After that, he changes the password by the use of a recovery email. In this case, there is no way to regain access to your account except hacking it yourself. You can use InstaPwninstagram hacker to hack your account. In this way, you can gain access to your account.