Vizen Analytics Takes the Wraps Off Digital Operations Platforms

Vizen Analytics Takes the Wraps Off Digital Operations Platforms

In this day and age of acronyms and abbreviations for everything from search engine optimization (SEO) to software as a system (SaaS), it can get challenging to keep on top of all of them, especially in the technology sector. We here at Vizen have been, as of late, transitioning away from discussing antiquated Enterprise Resource Planning systems to the more modern, flexible alternative that is a Digital Operations Platform (or DOP), but worry not: We’re going to break the ins and outs of DOP into easily digestible bits of information so it’s not just another abbreviation in the night to forget about.

In a proverbial nutshell, this platform catalyzes collaboration and decision-making to increase performance and profitability, leading your company with the right insight to stay ahead of the competition. How can this shift in operations technology be of benefit to you and your business? As a core application or software that allows a business to adapt production and supply chains to meet customer expectations, a Digital Operations Platform provides the capability to implement and measure the success of new pricing models while improving productivity through automation. Essentially, it is a centralized system wherein everything from stock levels in the warehouse to relationships with customers can be managed – an approach that includes adjusting a business plan according to real-time reporting and intelligence.

When implemented and used correctly, the benefits of a DOP include (but are certainly not limited to):

• Improved productivity
• Better customer experience
• Integrated business operations

Let’s take a closer look at each of these now.

By harnessing the power of automation, you can improve productivity and empower your employees, as automating time-consuming and repetitive workflows will free up employees to focus their time on other more challenging tasks. When it comes to customer experience, the correct DOP can be the ideal foundation on which you learn to improve these experiences for your own customers, be it via a dedicated Customer Relationship Management solution or by virtue of automated shipping integrations and a dedicated WMS.

In the area of business integration, a DOP will aid overall organizational cohesion, firstly through a centralized interface, and secondly via integrations with other suppliers.

Vizen Fun Tip: In the retail space, it is particularly imperative to select a DOP that can integrate with an existing supply chain.

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