Unique Benefits A Social Media Analysis From NetBase Can Offer Businesses

Unique Benefits A Social Media Analysis From NetBase Can Offer Businesses

Many businesses, especially smaller ones, do not fully understand the power data has and the potentials it offers for growth and success. All businesses have hidden data points from their social media campaigns that can be put to use to grow and better satisfy their customer base. Every post, comment, article and response to your business posts are important. Your interactions online can generate more followers, more sales and more income.

The ability to generate data about your business through your website visitors, social media platform visitors and those who click on your landing pages can be used to grow your brand. The key is knowing how to gather and read the data correctly. This is where a social media analysis of your website by NetBase can come in handy.

What is NetBase?

NetBase is a successful company offering businesses social media analysis services. They have won many awards for the help they offer brands around the globe. Companies around the world use NetBase’s platforms to build their businesses from the start, grow their brands and more effectively connect with their consumers. Their easy-to-use platforms allow the ability to collect and process millions of posts from social media accounts on a daily basis. This gathering of data can be used by companies to make more actionable and informed business decisions for customer service interactions, PR, marketing, sales, research and product innovation.

Ways Social Media Analysis Can Benefit Your Company

In basic terms, social media analysis is the effort of collecting as much valuable data as possible in order to draw conclusions to make actionable business decisions. An analysis can help you create more successful marketing campaigns through social media to reach your target audience using the most effective channels. Social media analysis can be a time-consuming thing. However, there are countless benefits of digging deeper into your brand’s analytics.

  • Measure ROI Of Social Media Campaigns- This is one of the bigger challenges marketing managers face when creating campaigns for businesses. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration to determine which metrics to focus on and that will offer the best results. When you use analytics to determine interactions, your social media reach and the sentiment surrounding your content by readers, you will be able to determine if you are successfully reaching the right audience with your campaigns.
  • Improve Social Media Strategies- Researching the information and data you gather through analytics will have a positive impact on your marketing strategies.

How To Perform A Social Media Analysis

Performing an analysis of your social media campaigns is not as difficult as one would think. It does take consistent time and effort before seeing long-term results. The following are the steps to performing a competitive analysis:

  • Identify your competition on social media

Focus on the competitors who are actively working on their marketing to grow their businesses. The easiest way to find your competition is to search Google using your chosen keywords.

  • Gather Your Data

Visit your competition’s social media sites and gather data such as comments, likes, texts, videos and images posted. Determine the amount and type of engagement they are getting. Keep an eye out for the content of top posts and any hashtags being used.

  • Analyze the Activity of Your Competition

Watch for how often your competition makes posts or engages with their community. How often your competitors interact with their followers will determine how much interaction you should reach for.

  • Analyze the Content of Your Competition

Social media and content marketing are very similar. Because of this, many brands use blogs on their sites for adding content related to their products and services. Check out the competition’s blog posts for content ideas and frequency of posting.