The technology harnessing radiometric measurements are currently used to measure a variety of parameters in the industry. Several detectors and probes have been out in the market to measure a variety of properties in the industrial level, especially the fluidity properties. Companies like Berthold use radiometric systems to localize the interfacial layers between two phases of the fluids. These systems are based on some complex processes to measure the fluid properties without interrupting the fluid flow in a vessel or a pipeline. Systems like SENS detectors or Uniprobe, measure the density profile, concentration, and solid content. Besides, they also measure the heights of the different layers in the emulsion. The characters of these layers can also be analyzed using the UniProbe or similar detectors.

Measuring Principle:

These detectors are mainly used in the plants like oil and gas industries or the chemical industries in fermenters or separator vessels. When other technological detectors fail, due to extreme conditions like temperature, pressure or whatever, these radiometric measuring will be of use to be counted upon. The measurement in media like caustic or acidic fluids can be done using these detectors.

The principle of working is that the gamma radiations are attenuated when they are transmitted in a pipeline. The attenuation in the heavy phase is more in the heavier phase of the emulsions while in the lighter phase liquids, the attenuation is hardly there. Thus, with this difference in the attenuation of the radiation, the height of the phases of liquid is measured. Also, the location of the interphase can be precisely measured.

Such measurements, as mentioned earlier, will not be affected by extreme conditions. Thus, this results in the robust, validated and a very reliable mode of measurement even under harsher environmental conditions prevailing in the sample. For multiphase level measurements, the aligned or the staggered alignment of radiations can be used. Just in case the height of the emulsion layer needs to be calculated in a multiple phase system, the demulsifying agent, residence time, and other factors can be customized and optimized according to the users’ requirement.

Characters of Uniprobe:

The Uniprobe is a non-intrusive and non-contacting measurement device to measure either the point or the continuous levels. This device has a combination of both detector and evaluation procedure clubbed in one device. The interfaces it provides include:

  • HART
  • Profibus PA
  • Foundation Fieldbus

The user can switch between any of the mentioned interfaces. In any case of measurement, the properties of the vessel like its geometry, accuracy requirements, and other economic aspects are considered very vital factors for which the providers of the Uniprobe will assist the users with their expert team.


The marketing and manufacturing industries of the Uniprobe like Berthold can offer custom-made solutions for the problems that are encountered in the measurements. Generally, these industries bring out a variety of solution based on their experience and expertise. They tailor make the solutions according to the user’s application, a measurement condition, and definitely, operational safety is the prime point to be ensured!