Top 5 Social Media Trends in 2020

Top 5 Social Media Trends in 2020

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The world of social media is a rapidly changing world filled with ever-emerging trends. It is truly an addictive world, entertaining interesting as well as weird crazes. Bomboclaat was one such weird trend, hosted by the meme culture. Let’s see the top 5 social media trends in 2020.

  • The Rise Of Ephemeral Content

The term ‘ephemeral content’ might be new to you. But actually, you know its meaning. It is any content that is accessible for a short period, i.e., Stories. These are usually photos or short, engaging video segments, which attract people. Various social media platforms Instagram, FB, Whatsapp, Snapchat, to name a few, have incorporated this trend to increase their users. 

  • The Popularity Of Videos

Videos are not a new trend, but a popular trend, nonetheless. The majority of internet users (almost 56%) watch, create, and post videos on various platforms. Youtube, vines, IGTV, and TikTok, among others, are the major contenders. 

  • The Widespread Use Of Encrypted Chat Apps

It is a fact that most people (especially millennials) message using encrypted chat apps rather than texting on a phone number the old way. Encryption ensures the security and privacy of the chat. Messaging apps are more preferred than social media apps. With the comfort and protection provided by various chat apps, it is safe to say that encrypted chatting will stay on trend for a long time.

  • Expansion Of Social Commerce

Social commerce has opened up a new market for brands. Various platforms are a host to such brands. All the shoppable posts, as well as pages of these brands on numerous social media platforms, are key features of this new way of commerce. Even the personalized ads, as well as video ads, present the customer a variety of products from different brands with their hyperlink for further details. The growth of social commerce is indeed one of the most popular and widely seen social media trends.

  • The Trend Of Ever-Evolving Memes

If you have ever laughed at a captioned photo shared by your friend, you have participated in meme culture. Memes are not just funny captioned photos, they are more than that. Memes are any image (often captioned), short videos, or GIFs- shared from one user to another- merely for entertainment. FB and Instagram are major centers of the trend, along with apps such as Tumblr and Tweeter. The images used as memes are made of movie scenes or quotes or any other images. Meme culture has always been a trend as it constantly evolves itself according to the world, internet, and trending topics.