Tools and Services to Help Increase the Effectiveness of Your Nonprofit

Tools and Services to Help Increase the Effectiveness of Your Nonprofit

Despite having a different status from a traditional company, a non-profit organization still functions like a business, requiring you to approach it in the same way when developing systems and processes that’ll impact its operations. But while developing the concept and mission statement for your non-profit can be easy, finding the right tools to help your organization thrive may not. If you want to ensure that your charitable organization has the structure it needs to succeed, here are a few tools and services to help increase the effectiveness of your non-profit.

Get a tool that’ll take your fundraisers and campaigns to the next level.

Nonprofits rely on charitable donations to operate, but building high-quality, engaging fundraiser campaigns that focus on the user experience can be difficult. If you struggle with getting donors because of this, turn to an organization like for better results. The Engaging Networks platform offers a wide variety of tools that help you adhere to fundraising best practices and reach your ideal donors. Whether you’re trying to reach set up an online store for your non-profit, launch a membership platform, improve your email marketing strategy, or build amazing peer-to-peer campaigns, Engaging Networks offers you all of the tools you need to operate your non-profit more effectively!

Find services to help you build a new website that’s perfect for your target audience.

Website design is crucial to your overall success as an organization. But if your web site functions poorly and lacks vital marketing strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), it’ll be difficult to see the progress that you’re looking for. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions available to provide you with the support that you need. Take, for example, Webolutions website design in Denver. Webolutions is a full-service digital marketing agency and web design company that focuses on providing you with a more aesthetically pleasing, superior website, and ensuring that you get the traffic you need through internet marketing, content development, SEO, and additional digital marketing strategies. If you know that you need a new site but don’t know how to get started, Webolutions web design can offer you the web development and marketing help you need to truly take off.

Use extra cloud storage to hold onto important internet marketing materials.

Those who’re interested in donating to your organization want to see your work in action. Because of this, posting photos and videos to your website as well as making them a top priority in your social media marketing strategy will go a long way in showing everyone exactly what your non-profit does. The problem? dealing with the upkeep of these digital files can be problematic. The solution? Consider using a Sandisk cloud tool like ibi that can help you store all of your important photos and videos. With 1 terabyte of storage space for 250,000+ photos or 100+ hours of HD videos, easy photo backup from your phone, laptop, social media, USB cable, or the cloud, and the ability to share and swap photos with others, you’ll have a much easier time keeping track of the memories that your organization makes.

Put an end to losing your equipment with an asset tracking system.


Digital assets, such as software assets, are quite easy to track as they’re all stored online. Even if you should lose track of something, it’s generally stored somewhere safely in the cloud or still accessible on one of your organization’s computers. Physical assets, such as hardware assets, however, can be harder to keep tabs on. This means spending funds to replace this equipment when it gets misplaced or goes missing. To stay on top of all of the products that help you run your organization, you’ll want to look around for the best asset tracking software. Asset tracking software helps you set up barcodes and QR codes on your hardware that can be scanned and tracked when it’s in use, know where your assets are at all times as well as who last used them, and save a lot of time on modern maintenance by allowing you to flag broken assets and speed up the repair process. For organizations that rely on the latest technologies to get hard work done, an asset tracking application that keeps track of all of your valuable assets will go a long way in making your non-profit more efficient.

Make staying in contact with your team simpler with the right communication software.

As organizations continue to rely on remote work for safer operations, finding the right tools to foster effective communication is of the utmost importance in maintaining your team’s high performance and productivity. To achieve this, you should focus on three types of collaboration tools at your disposal: organizational tools, instant messaging tools, and video communication applications.

Organizational tools like project managers and CRM dashboards will help you and your team stay on top of current projects, milestones, and team progress as you move forward towards your goals for the quarters. Meanwhile, video communication apps allow you to communicate with your team about business decisions or concerns that may come up throughout the workweek, and instant messaging tools help you easily contact each other whenever you have a question or need to share important tools and documents that other team members may need access to.

With these three tools on your side, managing your teams and helping your organization reach its goals becomes much simpler, especially if you’re currently doing most of your work remotely so as to keep your employees and volunteers safe as we move into 2021.

Running a non-profit, much like running a small business, requires you to have the right tools and systems on your side to streamline your operations and make what you do easier. However, with the sheer number of products available at our fingertips today, it can be hard to know exactly what we need to succeed. If you want to help your non-profit thrive, use the guide above to dive deeper into some essential tools and services for your organization that’ll increase its effectiveness.