Three Tips To Create Social Media Marketing Plan For Local Businesses

Three Tips To Create Social Media Marketing Plan For Local Businesses

Advertising cost has been rising quickly over the years. This is one of the major reasons that many small businesses have been struggling to thrive in marketing to local consumers, as having large marketing budget is often a reality for the big brands, but never the small businesses.

This leads to many small businesses starting to focus on social media to reach their consumers. At the same time the startup owners would be eager to find out exactly what messages or content their prospects would want to absorb, and then find the tools and professionals to create such content, whether the medium carrying content would be in text, images, videos, audios, or a mix of multiple media.

Tip 1: Get on to the social media accounts.

Creating business accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook and/Twitter is free of charge. This would surely give you and your business an advantage as you can integrate the regular use of social media campaigns into your local digital marketing plan, whether your target market is any or some of the regions including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, or more. The major objective of starting such social media accounts is to have a “place” to deliver messages which are aligned with your short term and long term content marketing plan.

Tip 2: Create the content that would suit your audience i.e. prospects who may become your potential customers.

It is time to integrate content marketing with social media. The social media platforms/campaigns would need “supply” from behind i.e. The message or the actual content that you are to deliver to your potential customers or prospects. Simply offering content these days is not good enough because all content consumers now have abundant amount of content that they cannot even finish consuming in their entire lifetime.

Tip 3: Work with the industry influencers.

While creating and publishing content are already a lot of tedious and creative work for content marketing managers and social media marketing managers. In your internet/digital marketing plan that tends towards using social media platforms as the core channels, you actually get good chances to figure out who are some of the most influencing people in your industry or niche. That is the trick: Make use of the influencing power of these key opinion leaders (KOL) by reach out to them with your content. Explain your story behind the content that you have created, or your entire content plan. At the end of the day, when your story and/or influences are more than good enough, your identified influencers will start to act and pass out your messages to their own followers. This is a great way to reach a larger audience base.

Bonus tip: Look for where all the free traffic is.

You should always be looking for where all the free traffic is for your local business. This list has more than 200 traffic sources that you can get people to your local business website for free. You can go through the list right away and sort the priority. It’s a long list and you don’t expect to complete the list in less than a week.