The 5 Best Amazon Software For Third-Party Sellers 

The 5 Best Amazon Software For Third-Party Sellers 

Selling online isn’t easy, especially with the new challenges created by the pandemic. While most online marketplaces had a sudden boost of sales during the quarantine lockdown, selling online is still not a walk in the park.

When it comes to online marketplaces, there is no doubt that Amazon is king. As the biggest B2C (business to consumer) marketplace in the world today, the AMZ marketplace brings in billions of revenue every year. Because of this, many new sellers are attracted to sell on the AMZ website. And access to the best Amazon software for third-party sellers is a must if you want to succeed in this competitive marketplace.

In this article, we will try to tackle different software and tools that can help third-party sellers succeed on Amazon. We’ll also talk about the reasons why each tool is considered a part of the best Amazon software list.

Why Do Sellers Need To Use The Best Amazon Software Tools?

There are myriad reasons why sellers, both newbie and experienced ones, might want to use the best Amazon software tools for their business. Below are some of the most common reasons why you would want to have Amazon software at your disposal:

Getting an edge over your competition

The most obvious reason to get an Amazon software tool is to get an edge over your competitors. As you know, AMZ is a very competitive marketplace. While many businesses succeed in this platform, many sellers also fail during their first year of selling.

With the Amazon software at your disposal, you now have an ace hidden in your sleeve that you can use to get over your competition. You can now do keyword research, product research, and listing optimization in ways that you cannot do simply by doing it all manually.

Automating Important Tasks

Another important reason why you need to have software or a tool is to automate important tasks. There are many functions that you need to do as a seller, and you cannot take these tasks for granted. Examples of these are product research, sales study, keyword optimization, and so on.

If you do all of these manually, it will take so much time for you to finish these tasks. And your results won’t be accurate too. With Amazon seller software, you have access to an automation tool that will cut the time you spend doing these tasks by more than half. Now you can focus on doing other more important tasks at hand such as marketing your products and expanding your market.

Scaling Up Your Business

The best Amazon software will help you scale up your business in ways you wouldn’t have thought possible. Because of the efficiency and effectiveness of tools in solving problems, you will be able to do more in less time.

By doing more in less time, you can now focus on expanding your market and scaling up your business. Productivity tools allow us to avoid burnout by doing all the mundane tasks. Now you can focus your energy on building more stores or adding more products to your catalog.

5 Best Amazon Software For Productivity

Now that we have discussed the reasons why sellers should own tools and software, here are some of the best ones today:


No question, Zonbase is one of the best choices for an all-in-one Amazon software solution. By providing a platform that can do multiple tasks at once for a relatively affordable price, Zonbase trumps the competition. 

Voted as the number one most accurate and best-value AMZ seller tool today, Zonbase can perform multiple tasks. From sales data, product research, listing optimization, competitor spying, and keyword research, Zonbase allows sellers to make data-driven decisions that help their businesses move forward.

If you are a serious seller who is looking to improve your business for the long term, investing in Zonbase is a must.


Helium10 is already considered somewhat of a “veteran” in the Amazon software category. Similar to Zonbase, Helium also offers multiple tools that helps sellers understand the metrics that are important to their business.

This includes sales data, historical projection, keyword research program, revenue calculator, and more. You can never go wrong if you use Helium10 for your business.

Unicorn Smasher

Are you having a hard time discovering products that would sell well on Amazon? If your answer is yes, then Unicorn Smasher is the tool that you need. Simply put, Unicorn smasher is a Google Chrome extension that allows sellers to discover important and relevant data about the products they are interested in. By using these products as references, sellers can make a sound judgment whether the product they want to sell can be profitable or not.


SellerApp is another tool that combines multiple functions of an Amazon business in one package. It helps provide a single solution to the different problems that sellers often face in running their business. In a way, it resembles the data and user interface of Helium10. If you are interested to dig deep in your business’s sales data and future sales projections, this is a great app for you to use.

Jungle Scout

As one of the most popular FBA seller tools today, Jungle Scout has contributed to the fortunes of thousands of AMZ sellers. While Jungle Scout is primarily a product research tool, it also offers other data solutions. This includes store analytics, sales estimates of products, competitor monitoring, and so much more.


The impact of productivity tools and seller software is undeniable. If you really want to have an edge over your competition, increase your sales, and evolve your business, having Amazon software is non-negotiable. Access to software tools will help you automate tasks, minimize mistakes, and make accurate decisions faster.

Zonbase is undoubtedly one of the best Amazon software tools in the market today. Do you want to see for yourself what this software suite can do? Sign up for a free trial of Zonbase today and see for yourself!