If you are military personnel or if you like to go hiking or camping outdoors then you must know the importance of paracord. When something breaks, paracord is needed but there is huge problem when it comes to paracord that it remains tangled. The founder of QUIKCORD, has served in the military for 8 years and during his service, he always had trouble dealing with the tangled paracord. To prevent the paracord from tangling, he came up with a tough tool known as QUIKCORD which kept the paracord organized so that it could be easily accessed when needed.

QUICKCORD is strong, rugged and easy to use tool that makes that the paracord is easily dispensed, cut, and kept tangle-free at all times. It is designed while specifically focusing upon its compactness and portability so that it doesn’t occupy much space and is transported easily. It is also lightweight so that it is easy to carry.

This beneficial tool has been created with tremendous craftsmanship. It is manufactured with high-impact polypropylene copolymer that provides low temperature impact resistance as well.

Some benefits of the QUIKCORD are as follow:

  • Keeps the paracord tangle free

No one wants to spend hours detangling paracord, this tool makes sure that the paracord remains tangle free. It increases your efficiency and also improves the accessibility of paracord. It has the ability to dispense 25-feet of paracord without any tangles.

  • Easy to cut

The paracord dispensed through the QUIKCORD is easy to cut, this is because it comes with a “built-in” smart blade which cuts the cord without causing any injury. It is child-proof and snag-free. Tired of using your knife to cut the paracord? Well, now you can switch to the QUIKCORD and it will make your life so much easier.

  • Built-in Signal feature

This tool is equipped with built-in signal feature. In case of an emergency, this tool has the ability to provide up to 12 hours of uninterrupted signal. It can also be used a flashlight in case of need.

  • Easy to store

When you are military deployed, or when you go camping into far away areas, you have to be very specific and careful about the storage of the things that you bring along with you. Since QUIKCORD is lightweight and portable it can be stored anywhere. Also, it has the ability to withstand all temperatures and pressure of about 400 pounds.

  • Made in USA

Since this tool has been manufactured in USA, it has been able to create employment opportunities.

  • Colors

It comes in two different color options; one is olive and the other one is black.

QUIKCORD can be used by military personnel as it can withstand all environments, it can be used outdoorsmen, contractors, it can be used by people for transport and boating, first responders and people from the film industry can also get benefit from it. People such as hobbyists and extreme sportsmen can also use it when needed.

The two founders of this highly beneficial tool are Matthew Adams and Matthew Fioretti. Matthew Adams has served in the military for 8 years and he is the president of QUIKCORD. Twice, he was deployed in Iraq and twice in Afghanistan. Matthew Fioretti is the Chief Financial Officer and lead strategist of QUIKCORD. He has an experience of 9 years in the fields of finance and corporate strategy. Both of them have put in a lot of effort to bring this tool in to being.

QUIKCORD has been approved by Military personnel, outdoorsmen such as hikers and people who go camping a lot to far-fetched areas, boaters and fishermen and even extreme sport enthusiasts. If you are also one of these people, of if you have to deal with paracord for some purpose, then you should totally get your hands on QUIKCORD as it is designed to dispense the cord without any tangles. It makes sure that the cord is easily cut without any injuries or risks, it even has an emergency signal feature and lastly, you can even use it as a flashlight when needed. You will certainly be happy with this tool as it will end up being a handy yet compact friend on your trip.