Personal Branding for Today’s Modern Business by Status Labs

Personal Branding for Today’s Modern Business by Status Labs

Personal Branding in Today’s Business World

Today’s business landscape has changed considerably from what we’ve always known. Social media has been one of the biggest factors influencing consumers’ decisions regarding which businesses to patronize and those to avoid. Today’s consumers want to know what your business is all about and what it represents before even considering a purchase. Personal branding is instrumental in establishing whether a person even considers looking into your business or not. With the right measures in place, your business has a much greater chance of success. The services of a company like Status Labs can help you define your brand and teach you how to market it successfully. Status Labs is happy to bring you this free information and advice that can help you get a head start on launching your branding campaign.

How Branding Affects a Consumer’s Mindset

If you’re doing business online or even considering it, you’ll need to have a solid strategy in place that includes branding measures. Some consider branding to be a logo, slogan, or even photographs of their business. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t enough to thrive in such a competitive market. You’ll need to produce content that engages consumers and delivers a clear message about the products and services that your business offers. Many studies in recent years have suggested that consumers aren’t responsive to emotionally based sales tactics and are increasingly demanding verifiable information from credible sources. This is especially true for larger purchases and items such as electronics, vehicles, home sales, real estate agents, and contractors. Consumers also expect that you’re able to demonstrate your work publicly, and it’s almost a certainty that they’ll be checking online reviews. Personal branding and reputation management work hand in hand to accommodate consumer demands while appealingly marketing your business.

What Is Personal Branding?

Branding is what sets the key players apart from the smaller participants. Finding a niche market and demonstrating competency, while building trust through a marketing vehicle that appeals to your consumers, is what branding is all about. It’s a fine balance that has been around for many years through brand recognition and awareness. It also demonstrates the business as an authority in the field. Deviation from branding is never recommended, especially during establishment. It’s always best to consult a company like Status Labs to assist you in managing a personal branding campaign. An easy way to demonstrate this is through fast food. If you go to the leading restaurant but get the food of another brand, you’ll most likely be upset and start to distrust the brand. Consumers will identify with your brand and become loyal, providing that you continue to give them the same quality and service that they expect.

Other Factors Influencing Branding

Establishing yourself as an expert and authority in a particular field can be a challenge. Today’s consumers expect you to have testimonials and documentation that establish credentials. Examples of the documentation that’s acceptable to consumers include:

  • a respectable online following
  • white papers
  • case studies
  • trade organization memberships
  • large or well-known projects

Consumers also expect your branding to be aesthetically appealing and representative of the type of product or service that you provide. Going cheap on these items is never a good idea, as it will only make your business and service appear cheap as well. Many consumers expect to pay fair market value for any product or service; however, it can’t be understated that they also love a great deal. Providing value is another way to help establish trust with consumers.

Trust the Personal Branding Experts at Status Labs

Status Labs is a company that represents clients from all over the globe and has offices in five cities internationally. They’re experts at personal branding, online reputation management, social media tools, marketing, and more. They’ll devise a strategy to help improve your company’s reputation while establishing your unique brand. Many case studies, testimonials, and a long track record of success are what sets Status Labs apart from the competition. Get in touch with Status Labs to hire the indisputable leader in online branding, social media marketing, and search engine optimization management.