Online History Trivia to Play with Friends

Online History Trivia to Play with Friends

History is the study of the past events, especially in human affairs. Studying past events is important because it allows us to understand our past, which in turn allows us to understand our present. Building knowledge and studying history enables us to develop a much greater appreciation for current events today.

Many people stay connected with their friends through online activities since the coronavirus lockdown started. If you are a trivia fan, and want to waste your time on the websites, online quiz games would be a good choice among online activities. Everyone knows the history round is a staple of the classic quiz game. How much do you know about the World Wars? How much do you know about the Ancient History? Do you know anything about Genghis Khan, the Emperor  of the Mongol Empire? Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer? Kings and Queens of British Empire? You can find millions of history quiz questions on the web because history is like a big ocean, and a question is just a fish in this ocean.

If you want to put your history knowledge to the test, to play competitive games, and challenge your friends, there are a lot of quiz sites on the web. I have determined 3 best quiz sites for playing online history quiz games. All sites are free to play.

  1. Whoknowmore : The best and modern designed site among these three sites. If you want real time multiplayer competition in history category, you are at right place. The history category goes live every 90 minutes and 12 questions are randomly asked per game. The Live score table shows your points during the game. All questions are multiple choice.
  2. Triviaplaza : With a very simple looking display, this site seems to be made for those looking for an old-school quiz. After you choose history category, you will see multiple sub-categories.  If you pick a sub-category, the game will start. Questions are multiple choice.
  3. Jetpunk : The best known site which over 135 million quizzes have been taken since 2008 on. Like on Triviaplaza, you can choose the sub-category of history and challenge your friends in this sub-category. As the number of history questions, Jetpunk is the first among these sites. The difference from other sites is that you can create and edit quizzes on this site.

Keep learning and have fun!