Mental health should not be ignored anymore

Mental health should not be ignored anymore

For a long time mental health has been disregarded as an actual health issue. But now with more advancements in the studies of psychology, one can very definitely conclude that mental health is as much important if not more important than physical health. You may be thinking of it as an exaggeration of the facts but, you should know that physical diseases will kill you and only then you will die. But if you have a mental illness you are most certainly dead while you are living. This is why one can term mental illness as a silent killer. Now it is not necessary that you have mental illness and you know about it. In fact most of the times people even do not realize that they have mental illnesses.

The symptoms that can tell whether or not you have mental health issues

If you look at some of the most common signs then you can be sure whether or not you have a mental illness. Like for example, if you have stress, anxiety, fear of speaking your mind, changing personality, obsession with people, etc then you might have a problem with your mental health. Consult a psychiatrist (ปรึกษาจิตแพทย์ , which is the term in Thai)if you have noticed any if these symptoms in you or anyone around you because talking about mental health and wellness is not a matter of taboo anymore in our educated society. Rather not talking about your mental health and experiences may lead to higher rate of suicidal rate and mental breakdown after a certain point and time.

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