Life Hacks for Going Green: Check these out!

Life Hacks for Going Green: Check these out!

Truly, the world is filled to brim with mysteries and surprises. Many innovations appear and exist side by side, advancement, upgrade, improvement, and green technology evolution. Although impressive, what makes your life easier may be the same thing that destroys you.

You won’t ever go wrong leaving greener. Some people have the notion that green living is kind of a hassle since you have to make practical stuff and such.  The truth is, there are affordable ways on how to achieve green living. These life hacks for going green will surely help you to change your lifestyle by breaking your regular habits!


  1. Reusable eco bag

Plastics are the number 1 contributor to trash. There are a lot of ways by which plastics ruin the environment. Plastic bags are created through oil, which takes hundreds of years to decompose.

It also can spread chemicals and poisons to kill diverse wildlife. It is indeed ethical and practical to bring your eco-bags when you go shopping to lessen the trash. Different establishments, as well as commercial brands, are becoming aware of the negative impact of plastics in their production. That is why there are new policies regarding the reduction of plastic use.

Some organizations also have replaced some materials that they use in their operation to avoid using plastics. Plastics have a lot of alternatives that are cost-effective, eco-friendly, and more durable.

  1. Water Bottles

You probably think that bottled water is handy and is everywhere, but just so you know, approximately 2.5 million tons of plastic bottles and containers are disposed of every year that is not recycled or anything. These plastic bottles are one of the main sources of pollution which is a serious threat to Earth.

Might as well consider changing that to water bottles, those who are refillable and reusable! There are a lot of pretty and cute water bottles in town, especially those stainless ones. Aside from keeping your drink hot or cold, you can also save many bucks by having this one instead of consistently spending on temporary and destructive ones.

Used water bottles can also be re-used as home or classroom decor. There are current studies and experiments about the potential of water bottles to be transformed into construction materials such as cement. As a responsible citizen, you can help lessen its use by not patronizing products made from plastic bottles.

  1. Reusable straws

Several fast food and restaurants in your town are probably serving your drink without a straw. If so, don’t demand and ask for it. This is the biggest type of plastic disposed of and sent to landfills and into the ocean every day.

So if you don’t mind, you need to sacrifice a bit and drink that up straight from the cup. Just keep in mind that you are doing it for the world.  But if you still insist, it is a smart idea to bring your reusable straw. Reusable straws come in stainless steel, bamboo, or even glass.

Just like reusable bottles, you can just dump them in your bag and bring it out if needed. Very practical, right? Some shops are using straw that is paper-made. There are even restaurants that we’re able to create edible straw so the customers can still utilize it without adding up to the trash.

  1. Shop at your local market

Poultries, veggies, and goods from your local market often are not wrapped in plastic or vacuum-sealed. Aside from not contributing to the pollution caused by plastics, through this, you can also show your support to your locals. What’s not good at buying on them, though? Add that you will buy more and spend less (P.S, don’t forget the shopping bag!)

When you shop nearby, you will not have a hard time carrying your stuff carbon footprint that is released when you commute is lessened, and you can save money, especially when you no longer need to spend to commute.

  1. Create compost, not landfill

Imagine how dumping all your waste into a compost pit can help reduce pollution. This technique will help you clear the landfills and take extra good care of the soil. Compost pit also acts as a fertilizer to the soil itself, so along with the prevention of potential pollution (land, water, or air), you can also show your care to nature by keeping its land firm and healthy.

To create compost, just use vegetable and fruits peeling, animal manure, and other food wastes.  This is an excellent way to save the money intended for buying fertilizers. Creating compost makes the surrounding cleaner because there is no need to dispose of these biodegradable materials together with non-biodegradable wastes.

Final Thoughts

Restoring the environment comes with a greater force which is a concerted effort of people regardless of race, gender, occupation, or age. A little break from your old habits could give you a better life and a better future. Just a little tip, sort out what you need from what you only want. Ask yourself, “Is this practical?” “Can I make such by myself?” “Would these destroy nature?” “Can I reuse it for something else?”

The best way to live greener is to be aware of and be conscious to your environment. If you need something, look for the most sustainable and safest way to use it. It is important to be considerate not just for yourself but for the whole world. These life hacks for going green are just simple ways to help the environment.