Let Us Help You with E-Franchising

Let Us Help You with E-Franchising

More and more people are purchasing their products and services on the Internet, and it is important that your franchise brand stays up-to-date and takes advantage of these changes. It’s crucial to have a distributed e-commerce capable platform that is flexible. We will help you with your e-franchising needs.

We offer you control of your pricing and branding, and orders are limited to within your franchisees’ licensed territories. Your franchisees can be in charge of overseeing their catalog, local marketing, and providing customer service. Give your franchisees global marketing power with top down, value-added content with a centralized online catalog that your franchisees can use for local sales.

Your franchisees can make their e-commerce sites appeal to a wider audience with extra content, and, if the franchisor offers it, they can add to the standard catalog with their own products and services. So our model supports many types of businesses, such as manufacturers’ retail networks, hybrid franchising models, and multi-brand franchise with similar products.

Figuring out the right e-commerce solution isn’t easy, but we can definitely help. You can download our e-guide to get some clarification on the pros and cons of the different types of business models to figure out which would work best for your franchise situation.

You can select from our wide range of subscription-based marketing services, and we offer you free training and technical support. We can customize your site and provide you with the best in support, no matter which programs you choose to use for your business. If you have any questions, we are here to answer them and to help you choose the right solutions for your business.

Additionally, we offer a real-time online quote system for online and phone orders so your customers can get an immediate idea of what their costs would be for your services. Additionally, we offer couponing, sales, group-pricing, email, and SMS cart abandonment remarketing.

Also, our customer relationship management system with sales and marketing automation integrated into it makes establishing and nurturing client relationships easier than ever. You can track online activities and phone calls as well as have access to unlimited email marketing, social marketing, press release distribution, automated SEO, and many more features to help your business grow. Our websites are adaptive and optimized for mobile, and they can support multi-lingual and international content marketing.