Ibis Paint X – Your Best App For Illustration

Ibis Paint X – Your Best App For Illustration

Nowadays, creating an illustration or drawing can be done digitally. Using a specialized tool like the Ibis Paint X will allow you to develop anything on your mind rapidly.

The Ibis Paint X has already downloaded for more than 60 million and still counting. It has over 800 fonts, 2500 materials, and a lot of different brush styles and filters.

When you are drawing something, you can even record it using its built-in feature and upload it easily on social networking like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

The engine of Ibis Paint X uses the latest OpenGL technology so you can experience a smooth and comfortable way to draw. It also has an SNS feature that will help its user to apply drawing techniques based on other users.

While making your illustration, you can apply an unlimited number of layers and modify each according to your needs. The Ibis Paint also has a paid version which features even more tool and removal of ads.

Many folks appreciated its functionality and rated it as one of the best software for making a beautiful drawing on the smartphone. This is one of the reasons why people wanted to use it on Windows or Mac.

But the question is, can you get ibis paint on computer? The answer is yes; you can still download and install it. However, it is not an official installer to Windows or Mac since there is no version release for these Operating Systems.

The only way to install the Ibis Paint on your computer is to use an Android emulator. To install it, you need to ensure your computer is capable enough to run it. You can refer to the emulator website to see the requirements.

How To Download And Install BlueStacks Emulator And Use The Ibis Paint X

Assuming that your computer is fast enough to run it, the next thing that you need to do is to have an emulator installed. The BlueStacks emulator is perfect for emulating Ibis Paint X.

Many people also love using it due to its fast and responsive process. The installation of this emulator is also effortless to do. You only need to access its website by typing it on the Google search engine.

Save the installer to your computer and then double click it. The installer will now start, you can read it or accept the terms and conditions right away and clicking the “Install” button.

Once you installed the BlueStacks, you will see its icon from your desktop. Double click it to start using it.

In the next screen, it will show you the login page of the Google Play Store. Use your account of Gmail in order to log in here.

After that, run the Play Store, and you can now search for the Ibis Paint X app. Just click the install button to start saving it to your computer.

In this way, you will be able to download and install the ibis Paint X and use it on your computer.


The Ibis Paint X may not be available on another platform, but with emulator software, you can easily download and install it on your computer.