Hubspot CMS Review

Hubspot CMS Review

Hubspot provides you with a content management system to help your business grow and thrive. You need a CMS that is quick, easy to use, and flexible. In our Hubspot CMS review, you’ll learn about the ins and outs of its CMS and how ours compares. 

Hubspot’s CMS is built on a proprietary system that comes with fixed capabilities and limited support. That can make it difficult for the program to be exactly what you need it to be. It doesn’t mesh with every company’s needs like it should. 

Even with its new interface, the Content Optimization System (COS), there are still problems. It features some improvements, including a template builder with two capabilities: a layout builder and a code editor built on Bootstrap. These are helpful functions, but it still requires Hubspot-specialized developers to code any advanced customization that your business needs. 

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You don’t want to host and manage a big website with the Hubspot COS, as it can cost you more over the long-term because of a pricing policy based on the number of registered contacts you have. 

This type of system means that, as soon as you leave Hubspot, you don’t take your website with you. You have to spend more money because of restricted layout and actions, plugin developments, or the inability to use true HTML/CSS standards. 

Our CMS, on the other hand, features user-friendly in-line editing, and it is completely customizable and open source at the core, as well as for admin and front-end. It also features free integrated SEO, marketing, e-commerce, and social tools. 

You can build new applications easily within your website with W3C standards, like HTML/CSS, PhP, REST API, and plugin SDK. 

This inline version allows users a quick and dependable way to edit content or add any tool fast and with immediate results. This includes complex ecommerce features, like product listings, forms, quotes, and optimized landing pages. 

Down the road, this translates to lower costs, maintenance, and the ability to migrate your online front-end to any standard content management system. 

If you decide to not use our services down the line, you still keep your website and don’t have to pay the costs associated with disassociating your website with Hubspot or any other proprietary system. 

Our Hubspot CMS review indicates that our system makes more sense on a number of levels than Hubspot’s. You’ll save yourself money and a significant amount of hassle using our CMS.