How to Get the Most Out of Your Medicare Plan G Coverage

How to Get the Most Out of Your Medicare Plan G Coverage

Medicare is the nation’s largest healthcare provider, serving more than 135 million Americans. Medicare Advantage Plans (also known as Medicare Part G) are a type of Medicare health insurance that helps cover costs for all of your medical needs. If you have Medicare Part G and are looking for ways to get the most out of this coverage, here’s what you need to know about your plan:

How to Get the Most Out of Your Plan G Coverage

If you have Plan G, it’s important that you understand what your plan covers. There are many different aspects of coverage, so here’s a brief overview of what Plan G includes:

  • Preventative care is covered 100% by Plan G. This includes doctor visits, screenings, and lab tests.
  • Plan G covers 80% of the cost for hospital stays in a skilled nursing facility following a short stay in the hospital (up to 20 days).
  • You can see doctors or other healthcare providers without first getting a referral from your primary care physician if you have Medicare Part A and B.
  • You may be required to pay more than a copayment for certain services (such as physical therapy or speech language pathology) if you go outside of your network provider.
  • You will not owe any coinsurance while using an out-of-network emergency room after making arrangements with your primary care physician within 24 hours of the emergency room visit.
  • If you travel outside the United States and receive medical treatment, Plan G offers some coverage for necessary medical care abroad as long as you choose providers who participate with Medicare programs when possible.

What are the Most Important Benefits of Medicare Part G?


Medicare Part G covers all of your medical costs, like doctor visits, hospital stays and prescriptions. It also has important limits on out-of-pocket expenses. The most important benefits of Medicare Plan G are that it covers all aspects of healthcare—including doctors’ visits, prescription drugs and hospital stays—with limits on out-of-pocket expenses.

The Types of Services Covered by Plan G


Plan G will cover the following services:

  • Doctor and nurse visits
  • Hospital stays, including surgery and emergency care
  • Prescription drugs, medical equipment, and some other health supplies
  • Mental health services, including substance abuse treatment
  • Diagnostic tests and screenings
  • Preventive care, such as cancer screenings (you’ll need a referral to see a specialist)
  • Skilled nursing care after a hospital stay or surgery
  • Home health services (with a referral from a doctor)

Medicare Part G has been designed to provide a wide range of benefits that can help you maintain your health and manage your medical expenses. The Medicare plan can pay for, among other services, laboratory tests, diagnosis of conditions, outpatient care, and surgery. In some cases, Plan G will cover the cost of some drugs. However, Plan G does not cover prescription drugs unless they are administered in a hospital or other inpatient facility. These are just a few of the benefits available to you through Plan G. As you explore your options, it’s important to remember that the plan’s coverage can vary based on your specific needs.