How to Convince Your Boss to Use SEO for Business?

How to Convince Your Boss to Use SEO for Business?

You may have come across many SEO newbies who are not aware of redirects, 404s, backlinks, canonicals, spiders and indexing etc. The same may go in your company as well. SEO is integral for the success of any kind of business. But many business owners and CEOs are unbeknown to the concept of SEO. They know their business needs it, but they don’t know where to begin. When you are a part of an agency or an in house marketing team, you need to convince them that investing in SEO harrisburg pa is a good decision. And this is how you can sell them the importance of SEO.

  1. Begin by explaining them the terminology

Every field has its industry jargon. The SEO has it too. When it comes to discussing about SEO, you need to begin by defining it. Take your time to enlighten them about the basics and define all the jargon terms involved. Clearing, defining, and discussing relevant metrics can also come in handy when explaining the concept of SEO and why you are doing it.

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  1. Explain why you pay heed to a certain CTA

SEO entails a lot of work behind the scenes and doesn’t give away instant results. The latter is one of the reasons that businesspeople are impatient enough and don’t trust SEO as it doesn’t deliver the expected results in an expected timeframe. It can be hard to sell the concept of SEO if there are no tangible benchmarks and no set timeframes. When you explain them the SEO, you also need to explain what you are doing and why you made a particular decision and this can be done by conveying the big picture or goal in mind. You also need to explain them why duplicate content is forbidden. This is because Google hates it. You can also elaborate on this by the workings of Google and how the content competes with other search engines etc.

  1. Present a proper explanation

On the basis of your company size, you may have meetings with number of people. You may meet people from IT to marketing to executives to explain SEO and why it matters. IT people would be interested in technical details and any fixed or bugs need to be addressed. The marketing people would be interested in how to attract right audience by the means of SEO and lastly the executive people care only about what SEO has in store for the growth of the company. For gaining broad support and buy in of your SEO plan, you need to get well versed with targeting your audience. So that when you create a presentation, you may know how to speak their language. For IT, you need to check what technical aspects may be needed to make your website mobile friendly. For executives, you can discuss the time and resources needed for SEO and the opportunities will present themselves up, also don’t forget the ROI it will bestow if the plan goes successful.