How To Choose an Ultrasonic Booster

How To Choose an Ultrasonic Booster

Ultrasonic welding is very popular in the manufacturing world, and more people are purchasing their own equipment. If you are among the people looking for the right parts, you should know how to choose the right booster.

Know Your Materials

You should know the resin and content of the plastic that you will be working with. Different types of ultrasonic boosters work better with each material.

Know the Type of Weld You Need

Think about what type of weld joint you will be using for your project. Then, think about the energy requirements for making that weld and if the booster you are looking at can meet your needs.

Know Your Part Sizes

Think about the sizes of the parts you will be joining. Knowing how large they are and how much gain your horn can provide will help you determine how powerful a booster you will need.

Know What Amplitude You Need

Think about your application and the amplitude that you will need. If you need help determining this, speak with a supplier.

Think About the Gain You Need

High gain boosters that offer gains of 2 or higher are popular. However, there are plenty of low gain boosters with a gain of 1 to 1.5 that can get many jobs done for less money.

Combine All of the Data

Think about all of the data, such as necessary gain, part size, and materials, that will be necessary to perform the task you want. Then, research which types of boosters will best fit your needs.

Buy a Complete Set

Recent advances in ultrasonic welding have led to this technology being used for a variety of applications. If you plan to use it for multiple types of projects, you should get a complete set of boosters, so you have exactly what you need for any job.

Consider Prototype Applications

If you are working with prototypes, you will not automatically know what type of booster you need because this part has never been manufactured before. In this case, you will want to speak with a professional about your options and try to estimate what part will be best.

Booster selection an important part of setting up your ultrasonic welder. Remember to think about the gain you need, your materials, and your requirements. This will help you determine exactly what you need. Then, you will be on your way to joining the ranks of ultrasonic welders.