How to Change Domain name in Godaddy account?

How to Change Domain name in Godaddy account?

Many times, you need to change  the domain name from godaddy account. There are many different scenarios for changing domain name from Godaddy . Here are some of the scenario’s-

Case 1-

If you are into Domain sales or domain flipping then you need to change domain name from one godaddy account to another or may be change domain name from one domain registrar to another. So, below, I will explain to you the steps to transfer or change domain name from one Godaddy account to another.

You need to login to your godaddy account then you need to go to the domains section.

Then you can select domains you want to transfer or change to another account then click on “domains settings” then “Change domain account” and there you will asked to enter these details-

Enter customer ID/ Username, email address and whether you do not want to change whois details or want to enter new details or fetched whois details of the user to whom you want to user then check for nameservers etc.

Then you must agree to terms and conditions required for changing domain account and within a few minutes you get notification popup windows that domain change from one account to another has initiated.

After that the other user needs to login his Godaddy account then go to “Domains” then click on “Pending Account Changes” and then click on “Incoming domains” then select domains and accept them by agreeing with terms and conditions.

Here, also you start changing domain name across registrars like from one registrar to another.

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Case 2

Suppose, by mistake you bought a wrong domain and you want to change domain name. It is not possible to change the domain name in this case. You bought the name. Thus, you cannot change it.

Case 3

This case is changing the domain name at hosting. It lets users change primary domain name on a hosting. Here are things you need to do-

Login to Godaddy account then click on web hosting, You need to login Gateway using Godaddy Login.

Under your account, change the domain you want to change then click settings and then click change domain.

If you already have a domain used then remove it first. Even remove its sub-domains if you have any.

These are the cases and scenarios for changing the domain name.

Case 1 is for domain flipping, people who are into Domain sales using Case 1 as they require to change and transfer domain from one account to another or from one registrar to another.

Case 3 is for people who want to change domain name on their hosting. If you want to change your primary domain name on hosting then case 3 is for you.

I hope the above information will help you.