How Online Search Engine Work?

How Online Search Engine Work?

7 search engine tips and tricks you need to know

Let’s find out how search engines like Google really function.

When you look for something in Google or any various other internet search engine, a formula works in real-time to bring you what that search engine takes into consideration the “best” result.

Particularly, Google scans its index of “hundreds of billions” of web pages in order to locate a set of results that will best address your search.

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How does Google recognize the “best” result?

Despite the fact that Google does not make the inner functions of its algorithm known, based on filed licenses, as well as declarations from Google, we understand that websites, as well as pages, are rated based on:

  • Relevancy

If you search for “chocolate chip cookie recipes,” you don’t intend to see websites about furniture.

That’s why Google looks first and foremost for web pages that are closely related to your keyword phrase.

Nevertheless, Google does not place “amongst the most appropriate pages at the top.” That’s since there are thousands, or perhaps millions, of appropriate pages for every single search term.

For instance, the keywords “cookie dishes” raises 349 million results in Google:

  • Authority

Authority is similar to it seems: it’s Google’s method of identifying if the content is trustworthy and exact.

The inquiry is: how does Google know if a page is authoritative? They take a look at the number of other pages that link to that web page. As a matter of fact, Google’s capacity to gauge authority using links is what divides it from an online search engine, like Yahoo, that came prior to it.

  • Usefulness

Material can be reliable and appropriate. But if it’s not beneficial, Google won’t want to place that content at the top of the search results.

In fact, Google has openly said that there’s a difference between “better content” as well as “useful” content.