Greater Solutions for the Best products You Can Have

Greater Solutions for the Best products You Can Have

Remember, price is not always an indicator of power and performance. Read the latest customer reviews, do some research and compare the specifications that matter most to you.


A glass bottle is more resistant, environmentally friendly, but heavier. It is also easier to clean and more stable. It should be plastic, although cheaper and lighter. Unfortunately, it tends to get stained, making it difficult to see inside and can absorb the smell of what’s inside.

Stainless steel may be attractive, but it prevents you from seeing how the mixture is going. If you are interested in a cooktop with this functionality, this may be a good option for you. Go for the Bext Mixer Grinder there now.

You just need cheap equipment?

With 2 speed options, 1.5 liter jar and a very attractive design, this cooktop can be a good option for those who want to spend close to the R $ 100 to have a reliable, but not very powerful device. Very suitable for juices, you can end up having some problems if you try to crush something very thick, even with the stainless steel blades of the appliance. Keep in mind that the equipment is not bivolt and the blades cannot be removed for washing.

Oster Osterizer

Oster Osterizer is one of the best sellingcooktops today, simply because it has a very good cost benefit for home cooktops. With the 600W of power of this equipment, you can make all kinds of juices and soft foods. It has 3 different speeds and brings a sense of durability. Its jar is made of glass and also has a removable system that facilitates cleaning. Find it from Zotezo now.

Cuisinart Power Edge CBT 1000

The CBT 1000 from Cuisinart is a great choice for those who need more options, as it has 4 pre-programmed speeds and functions: High, Low, Ice Crush and Smoothie, as well as the “pulse” function.

It is stainless steel and has a capacity of 1.8 liters. It has very sharp blades and 1000W of power, more than enough for you to cut, grind or make vitamins.

Industrial cooktop

Do you want equipment with an interesting design?

This cooktop is a brand well known for its product line. The brand cooktop is an option of high quality and design (and of high price too). It has a 1,685 liter jar and 600W of power. Its jar is made of polycarbonate and it has a power control that adapts to each type of recipe.This is perfect equipment for use at home, but it does not have as much power as the equipment shown above. Only buy it if you have money left and want equipment with interesting design.