Get your website on your favorite CMS platform

Get your website on your favorite CMS platform

Website developers usually designed websites by using standard tools like Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML, and CSS until WordPress came along. This CMS platform is a system that is based on PHP and MySQL databases. This new system which came more than a decade ago but became popular only in the last few years, opened new doors for developing websites. The Atlanta WordPress design became the symbol of web designers dealing with non-static websites.

Websites that were created from WordPress were more efficient than other platforms.  WordPress SEO plugins and tools had more options and thus optimized the websites in today’s digital context where eCommerce is growing exponentially. Many web developers work on WordPress only and have created a niche for themselves on this platform. The previous decade has been a learning and fine-tuning experience for WordPress developers. Apart from designing websites, they also provide other services on WordPress such as Hosting, Seo Services, and maintenance services.

Why are developers now switching to WordPress?

  1. Because of its increasing popularity, WordPress now runs more than 25% of the Internet. This translates to approximately 18 million websites worldwide. There is a general misconception that WordPress is just a blogging system but in reality, it is much more than that. Not only does it allow you to create personal blogs but also create functional interactive business websites.
  1. WordPress has a lot of material available on the internet. There are many video tutorials and handbooks on WordPress usage backed by massive community support. This has increased the awareness and its utility.
  1. WordPress is designed with secure code and therefore a popular CMS in today’s digital world. Though like any other website, it is targeted by hackers but its software and other features are updated all the time, making it safe and secure and one step ahead of the hackers.
  1. They are flexible and customized easily as per the client’s requirements. It has many more features than other platforms, with extra plug-ins, themes, and design options, thus making the growth of your website unlimited.
  1. Easy to learn the software and used by millions, many users are now learning the basics and can handle minor edits to their pages and posts themselves. Those who cannot handle themselves, they avail of the WordPress Maintenance services for regular updating of their website and troubleshooting jobs.

For newcomers, there is a difference between and  While WordPress is free software that everyone can have access to.  WordPress.Org is the main hub for the software which one can download whereas is the service that allows one to run a fully functional website free. Here one has to use as the subdomain. The free version has all the features of a website. When one is ready to move to the next level of customization, then it becomes a paid service.  Having your domain name and hosting options, there are premium plans available such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, and WordPress Hosting.  To get a good package, website developers like Blue Light Labs can provide custom websites at affordable rates.