German Blockchain and Crypto Startup Develops Digital Solutions for the Cannabis Market

German Blockchain and Crypto Startup Develops Digital Solutions for the Cannabis Market

CeBioLabs is a German project which was launched in 2021. The goal is to revolutionize the global market for CBD and Cannabis. CeBioLabs is based in Hamburg, Germany, and is backed by three German companies. CeBiol Blockchain Solutions GmbH, which is also the legal entity behind CeBioLabs, CeBiol GmbH, one of Europe’s leading wholesalers of CBD and Cannabis products, and getViews Consulting UG, which specializes in crypto and blockchain technology. All three companies work together closely and in partnership. The years of experience and know-how of all three companies provide the CeBioLabs project with the best conditions and makes it the first of its kind in the world.

CeBioLabs SCM – Blockchain-based Supply Chain Management System for Cannabis and CBD

A major problem in the Cannabis market that remains unsolved until today, is incomplete data and lack of information within the complex supply chains. The market is not transparent and supply chains often cannot be traced. This leads to trust issues, and the quality in the market cannot be assured either. CeBioLabs will develop the world’s first blockchain-based supply chain management system that provides all market participants with a platform where all important information on production, processing, and distribution steps, as well as quality controls and laboratory analyses, are documented in detail and permanently accessible. This makes the value chains for all products transparent and traceable.

CeBioLabs Marketplace – Central Platform for Supply and Demand

Another development is the CBSL Marketplace, a global trading place for CBD and Cannabis products. The CBSL Marketplace will enable all players, whether agricultural companies, processing companies, contract fillers, laboratories, and retailers, to offer their products and services worldwide, free, and unregulated. The focus will be on B2B business. Rating and various payment options will be regulated into the CBSL Marketplace.

CeBioLabs Blockchain-based Portal for Certificates of Authenticity

CeBioLabs will also launch a Blockchain-based portal for Certificates of Authenticity. Due to the fast growing and huge market, the number of providers and products is also increasing. Quality standards are often not met or cannot be proven. This is where the CeBioLabs CoA comes in. Providers from all over the world can submit their analyses via laboratories, directly from firsthand. A digital identity is assigned to the analyses, which is stored within the blockchain. All results as well as the digital identity are immutable and traceable and retrievable at any time by all market participants.

CeBioLabs Crypto Token CBSL

A key role in the CeBioLabs enterprise ecosystem will be played by the CBSL Token. All fees incurred for the use of CeBioLabs systems and services must be paid by CBSL tokens. The more companies will use the applications, the higher the demand for CBSL tokens will be. The token will be tradable on various centralized and decentralized exchanges.

CBSL Initial Coin Offering in August 2022

The ICO will start on August 1st, 2022, and will consist of three phases that will span a total of 8 weeks. In the first two phases, the CBSL token will be offered at a discounted price. In the last phase, the tokens are offered at the regular price. All tokens sold will be transferred to customers on September 28, 2022.

Legal Support by German Lawyers

From the beginning, the entire project will be accompanied and legally secured by a renowned German law firm for financial and capital law. The law firm prepared a legal self-assessment in the form of an expert opinion, which was reviewed by the German Federal Financial Authority together with the whitepaper over a period of several months.