Find out which games are missing from your collection.

Find out which games are missing from your collection.

Gadgets from your favourite game are a must-have item on the shopping list for every real fan. It’s not surprising that the studios are outdoing the collector games that are meant to appeal to the tastes of the most loyal players. Not every idea is successful, however, game lovers can be really choosy about their beloved productions. Let’s see which collector’s editions actually turned out to be a hit.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The series of games based on the work of Andrzej Sapkowski is constantly popular in many places around the world. A strong group of fans motivates the authors of the game to constantly improve their work. The collector’s edition of the third part of the series spread rapidly, and only 9999 copies were available on the market. Those who managed to get it can be considered lucky. The set included an original game soundtrack, an artbook with illustrations and a compendium of knowledge about the fantastic world. However, the most popular among fans was the well-made witcher medallion and hand-painted Geralt figurine fighting with the Griffin. It was probably these two elements that determined the huge interest in the special edition of the game.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops II

The ninth part of the Call of Duty series in the collector’s version is an example of a game with a set of “richly”. The special edition is placed in a large chest, of course with the logo of the game. The main element of the set is Dragonfire MQ-27 drone, which may not be distinguished by a particularly high quality, but it will certainly work in everyday use. In addition, in the box players could find, among others, weapons camouflage, 2 tokens to unlock additional game content or bonus maps of Nuketown 2025 and Nuketown Zombies. The collector’s package is impressive, unfortunately, unlike the game itself.

Titanfall 2

The continuation of the shooter from 2014 turned out to be a really solid game. An additional attraction for fans was certainly a collector’s edition, where you could find, among other things, the pilot’s helmet in 1:1 scale. Sitting in front of the computer screen you can feel like a real Jack Cooper, the main character of the game. Especially that the gadget is adapted for everyday use. It has a built-in audio system to play voice transmissions and bars to adjust. Additionally, we can mount other gadgets included in the set – laser pointer or flashlight. The collector’s edition also includes a nicely designed flash drive in the style of an immortal, two patches and a scarf.

The given examples of collector’s games are still not the most extravagant. Sometimes, manufacturers do not limit themselves to small gadgets, but offer their fans the opportunity to really extreme experiences. It is worth remembering that the price of a special edition depends on the attractiveness of the set. The games described above could be purchased within the price range from a few hundred zlotys to a maximum of 2 thousand. However, there are also games whose special editions are priced at millions.