Effective monitoring and regulation of employee behavior

Effective monitoring and regulation of employee behavior

The enterprises, organizations, and companies are increasingly facing the possibilities of data breaches and threats from various sources. One of the key parties that poses this danger to the enterprises are the insiders or essentially the employees that are working within these organizations. According to one of the research that was conducted recently, approximately 90% of organizations and enterprises tend to be vulnerable to harmful activities done by the insiders.

This article chronicles the ways in which you can neutralize the impact of rogue employees and nail them before they cause harm to your organization. One of the effective ways of monitoring the activities of the employees is by using the different monitoring applications and software tools that are available in the market. These applications provide a host of features that help in keeping track of the employee activities and thereby protecting your organization from facing the potential threats or attacks.

So for instance if an employee is sharing your corporate data with the competitors then you can use controlio for getting control over the USB flash drives. All you need to do is navigate to the section of ‘Behavior rules’, then click on create followed by selection of “Insert removables” from event type list. Similarly you can use work examiner monitoring tool to check out if someone if defaming your organization on social media.

Monitoring productive hours

Identifying the productive hours in a typical work day is an important requirement for the enterprises. The circadian rhythms are known to influence the attitudes in various ways. They tend to elevate the moods in the early morning hours and the weekends plus the logical reasoning is improved between 8:00 to 14:00 hours. However there is no one size fits all when it comes to productive hours.

To identify and monitor productivity hours of your employees based on their work, the productivity based features from Controlio enables you to observe active hours of your employees on a day to day basis. This application provides results of productivity patterns in the form of intuitive graphics and each of the feature is available with custom settings for giving you more flexibility and ensuring higher accuracy of data.

The work examiner provides one of the most effective employee attendance software for tracking the attendance and performance of the employees. The application comes with valuable features that helps the companies in boosting their productivity.