Blockchain Games: The Growing Trend

Blockchain Games: The Growing Trend

Technology has helped us to evolve in many different ways than one. Blockchain games, also known as crypto games or d games, have been growing in popularity for the past couple of years. This is mainly due to the major advantage that blockchain games have over regular games. Unlike the mainstream games, crypto games allow the user to own the items of the said game and also carry out trades and exchanges with the same. Having the option of selling the items to fellow players in real-time makes the game even more exciting.

Numerous blockchain games have taken off relatively well, in the online market, due to its various appealing features. Some of the best blockchain games that have surged in the recent have been mentioned below.

My Crypto Heroes:

A game that was an inspiration of the medieval times quickly ranked at the top of the blockchain games list of the most popular games. It is an adventure-based game that revolves around the concept of bravery and heroism.

The Multiverse:

A universe built around the concept of linking various budding blockchain games, the multiverse is an ideal option for game developers as well as players who are looking for a wide variety of gaming options.


Players who aspire to be a part of a world where travelling and adventures are an integral part of everyday life, would be immediately attracted to etheremon which is a combination of virtual reality and blockchain technology.

Gods Unchained:

Based upon the mythical creatures that roam the corners of the world, gods unchained is a game that focuses on magic and supernatural beings. Strategic developments within the game keep players indulged in it.

Crypto Idle Miner:

Crypto idle miner is a simulation game that guides the players through the various aspects of cryptocurrency and the different approaches that one can undertake in order to be top of the game.

Coins and Steel:

A survival game that tests the skills and potentials of each player by providing them with only a limited amount of resources. This blockchain technology-based game has been quite popular with the younger generation.

War of Crypto:

A battle based game that requires players to arrange the heroes in the order of their choice for the championship game. The competitive spirit of players is tested through the various levels and the complex strategies that need to be implemented within the game.