Basic Tips for Converting Customers with Abandoned Cart Items

Basic Tips for Converting Customers with Abandoned Cart Items

Every online business owner aims at increasing sales. However, shopping cart abandonment is a key threat to this goal. It takes away all the effort of attracting customers to your site and taking them all the way to the shopping cart. When this is the cast, you can find yourself losing valuable business and you might have a difficult time creating brand loyalty. This is why you want to make sure that you can convert customers with abandoned cart items.

Keep the cart visible

Some of the people that abandon their shopping carts do so with the intent of saving the item for future consideration. When you keep the cart visible in all web pages, it can act as a constant reminder of an incomplete purchase. This could be a simple cart icon at the corner of the screen, which expands when you hover or click it. It’s a good reminder to shoppers that they aren’t quite finished with their time on your site.

Add exit-intent popups

Exit-intent popups create a huge opportunity for maximizing conversions. The popups can be installed on the checkout or shopping cart pages to detect when the user is about to leave. The popup message is meant to encourage the customer to stay by presenting more information or offering them a discount. The goal is to encourage the customer to complete the purchase instead of leaving. These are easy to set up and have a high success rate in getting customers to stay.

Enable guest checkout

The idea that customers need to create an account before making a purchase could be the cause of increased abandoned carts in your store. Requiring customers to create an account slows down the checkout process, and encourages more customers to click out of your website. To overcome this problem, eliminate the sign-in barrier by allowing guests to check out items. After they have completed the process, ask customers to sign up with their email addresses once they have made the purchase.

Offer a variety of payment options

Online shoppers are attracted more to the business that offers a variety of payment options. Providing one or two payment options will only be limiting the number of customers who complete transactions with your business. With so many payment options available, you are better suited to make more profits by adding more payment options. Think beyond basic credit cards to more payment options like PayPal and mobile money.

Display security badges

The modern-day customer values trust and security when making purchases online. With most of them being technologically savvy, they understand the threat of criminals online to their financial details. For this reason, they will want to know that they can trust your business with their card credit information. One of the ways you can guarantee your customers’ trust and reduce card abandonment is including security badges on your website. Make sure you go for highly-valued badges like Norton, McAfee, TRUSTe, and Accredited Business.

Speed up the checkout process

Customers are more likely to abandon their carts if the checkout process is long and with unnecessary steps. Eliminate all the unnecessary pages and make the checkout process as simple as possible. There is no need to take the customer through four or five different pages before they can complete a purchase–one or two will do just fine. Most customers want to start the purchase process and end it as fast as possible. Therefore, the simpler the process, the more the number of complete purchases.