A Novice’s Guide on On-page and Off-page SEO

A Novice’s Guide on On-page and Off-page SEO

SEO strategies revolve around search engine rankings. The strategies are also based on Google’s latest algorithm and updates. According to SEO Company in India, Google’s algorithms are classified into two segments – On-page and off-page factors.

Find out comprehensive information on both of these factors in this guide, today.

On-page SEO and Off-page SEO

On-page factors of the Google algorithm include technical set-up, code quality, content, and website visibility on various platforms. On the other end, off-page factors include social media attention, links from other websites, and other marketing activities that take place outside your website. Therefore, when you focus on off-page SEO, you aim to achieve more links to your website.

The more relevant links you get for your website, the high ranking you will gain on Google.

Read ahead to know the importance of on-page SEO and 3 considerable on-page SEO factors.

When it comes to on-page SEO, it’s a clear-cut thing that you can have control over it. Absolutely!!! You can control both your website’s technicalissues and content quality both. It means power is in your hand. If you create a full-fledged website with outstanding content, it will definitely start ranking on the top pages. Thus, you should focus more on on-page SEO as it will increase the chances that your off-page SEO efforts will be worthy.

The most prominent on-page SEO factors

There are three of the most prominent on-page SEO factors that you should focus on.

Let’s drill deep into them.

  1. Code quality

The code quality is the utmost priority. WordPress is a perfectly suitable platform for website creation as well as SEO strategy integration. Also, you don’t need technical knowledge to build a website on WordPress. It also has an in-built SEO plugin that can help you cope up with endless SEO challenges. Another term you need to keep into consideration is indexing. If you are unaware of the term indexing, do enough research on it before taking up your website in between competitive market.

In simple language, to show your page in the search results, it’s necessary to tell enough about your webpage to Google. Your targeted website page should be indexed by Google, it will indicate that this page has been stored in their index. Hence, indexing your web page is essential.

Also, the quality of your code is another important factor you should consider. Build your website with WordPress and you need not worry about the code quality, SEO tactics, and website performance.  

  1. Content quality

Why will visitors prefer to visit & stay on your site instead of your competitor? The answer to this question is – Content. Without engaging & informative content, you could never showcase your business to the visitors. Thus, make sure to write quality, SEO-friendly, and engaging content that meets their needs. Eventually, Google or any other search engine encodes your text before positioning the website depending upon search queries. Thus, your content should be easy to read, focus on the right keywords, and informative for your audience. 

  1. Outstanding user experience

Your website should be easy to navigate. Users that pass through your website need to understand your website easily. They reach to your site with the hope to find a relevant answer or whatever they were looking out for on the web. If you get fail in fulfilling their purpose, they will not revisit or recommend your platform to others. The operations on your website such as, clicking, uploading, filtering, downloading, and scrolling should be easy and thorough navigation should be easy for your visitors. No matter, how beautiful your website is, but creating a user-friendly website should be your priority.

So, keep yourself ready for savvy On-page SEO, but yes, don’t forget to work on Off-page SEO as well. For Off-page SEO, approach the top-notch social media agency in Mumbai today.