5 Reasons Why You’re Getting Bad TV Reception

5 Reasons Why You’re Getting Bad TV Reception

Are you experiencing bad reception on your TV?

Television has been the main source of entertainment for most households over the years. However, there’s been a slow decline from the 105 million pay-TV subscribers since 2010. This is often because of bad television reception, causing most to switch to other methods of watching media, instead.

If you want to improve your TV reception, there are some things that you can do. Read what’s below to learn what causes bad reception, and how you can fix it on your own today!

  1. Your Location

Your location from the transmitting tower can affect the quality of your TV signal. If where you live is far from the closest transmission tower, you’re bound to experience bad TV reception. What’s great is that you still have a chance to get a good reception.

What you can do here is position your antenna as close as you can to the tower. This should have a significant improvement in the quality of your reception. You can also buy a signal booster to improve your antenna’s reach if you’re too far away from the tower.

  1. Transmission Interference

Objects and buildings near the tower can hinder the sending of TV signals. They get in the way of the radio waves that your antenna wants to pick up.

Passing airplanes can also interfere with the signal when it passes over your home. It interferes by bouncing messages sent by the pilot to the airport tower.

Even environmental conditions can affect the transmissions. The television tower needs to be well-built to resist most weather conditions. It needs to be able to receive more than one signal under cloudy or rainy weather or it will cause problems.

A quick way to fix this is by elevating your antenna. This ensures that nothing blocks its pickup from the transmission tower. 

  1. Your TV Setup

The poor quality signal can be the cause of your TV setup. You can experience sudden changes to signals received, which can be frustrating. This can be because of your TV and hardware setup.

You may have set it up in a bad spot in your house. Try moving it around and find the most optimal spot for your TV. Shortening the distance between your TV and the antenna is often a good idea.

  1. Damages on Your Antenna

Any damage sustained by your antenna can interfere with how well it picks up and transmits signals to your TV. With your antenna facing the elements, for the most part, there’s little you can do to prevent this.

You can invest in stronger and more durable antennas, though. Ones with steel rods ensure that it won’t get knocked down by strong winds. Investing in a lightning rod is also a good idea to prevent lightning from damaging it.

You can also hire antenna repair specialists to fix the damage.

  1. Electrical Problems

Electrical interference can be another factor affecting the bad reception of signals. Power lines and transformers cause competing radio frequencies with the broadcast television signal. 

This makes it important to check around your home to see if there are any exposed wires close to your antenna. If there is, fix the issue as fast as possible to prevent further damages and accidents.

Get Rid of Your Bad TV Reception Today

Now you know what the common causes of bad TV reception are. Keep this in mind the next time you do a check around your house. Resolves these issues and improve your television reception today!

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